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OLTL Previews: Week of December 5


The citizens of Llanview converge on Paris, Texas.


Cutter and Stacy show up at the Bon Jour café in Paris, Texas, and Stacy finds her surroundings familiar. Aubrey tells Rex that Cutter and Kim are siblings. When Rex and Aubrey confront Kim with their story about Cutter and his accomplice, Kim realizes that Stacy is alive. Kim offers her help in return for finding evidence that will exonerate her for Cutter’s crime. Kim tells Rex the whole story about Stacy, and then wants to know what’s going on between him and Aubrey. Aubrey confronts Rama about framing Kim for Cutter’s crime. In Llanview, Noelle informs Shane she’s created a new pie in honor of Gigi, and invites Shane to go to Paris with her and Moe when she enters the delicacy in the annual pie contest. Viki shares with Noelle that Clint kissed her, but then talked about Kim and destroyed the mood. Noelle invites Viki to go to Paris. Clint is upset when he learns Viki is leaving town and they argue. When Viki crosses the threshold, Clint ignores the alarm on his ankle bracelet and kisses her. Viki leaves for Paris. Rex returns to Llanview and tells Shane about his wild goose chase, and they make arrangements to go to Paris for the debut of Gigi’s pie. Rex kisses Aubrey and invites her to spend Christmas with him and Shane.

Todd’s concerns about Calmar’s alibi are put to rest when Calmar claims Tomas killed Victor, but John remains unconvinced. After Blair presses Todd to publish a reward in The Sun for information about Tomas’s disappearance, she returns home to find a Skype type message from Tomas, confessing to Victor’s murder. Todd comforts an upset Blair. Roxy presses Natalie to mend her relationship with John, and when that fails, seeks out John intending to tell him Natalie still loves him. John tells Bo he still believes Todd killed Victor. Tea badgers John into revealing more about his suspicions of Todd than he wanted, and she insists she must warn Blair. John tries to convince Tea that Blair would react emotionally and it would be a mistake to inform her of his suspicions, but Tea will not be dissuaded. She arrives to find Blair in Todd’s arms.


Jack finds Neela talking with Shane and admits that he used to bully him, but denies involvement in Gigi’s death. Shane convinces a reluctant Neela to help him get a confession from Jack. Roxy makes it her mission to save her favorite soap opera, Fraternity Row.


Todd becomes worried when Calmar is brought in to the LPD. Calmar “confesses” that Tomas was the one who murdered Victor on Monday, December 5.

Much of Llanview takes a break to watch their favorite program, the legendary soap opera, Fraternity Row on Tuesday, December 6.

Jack invites Neela to come hang out at his house. Neela arrives with a tape recorder hidden on her person on Wednesday, December 7.

Roxy hopes Natalie has good news about her and Johnny, especially after the bad news about the cancellation of Fraternity Row on Thursday, December 8

Tomas via a Skype-type phone call makes a confession to Blair. Todd’s simultaneously relieved and guilty on Friday, December 9.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 12.

Viki waits tables at the Bon Jour and has a surprising customer, John invites Natalie to stay with him and Liam, Tea chills Todd with her remarks about Victor’s killer, Roxy enlists David’s help saving Fraternity Row, and John is there for Tea when she faces a crisis with her unborn child.

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