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GH Previews: Week of December 5


Elizabeth sees red when Luke has been handling her son.


A furious Elizabeth goes off on Luke and Lucky for putting Aiden in Luke’s irresponsible hands. Afterward, Elizabeth collapses when her emotions get the better of her. Luke seizes the opportunity to warn Lucky not to get sucked back in to Elizabeth’s web.

Later, Lucky reminds Elizabeth that even despite sharing a biological child together now, there is no going back to the way they were. Angry and unraveling, Elizabeth leaves a message for Lucky in the same way Siobhan did. Is Elizabeth headed for another breakdown?


Ethan tries to get to know the mysterious Woman in White. Dante and Lulu see opposite over his return to fieldwork. Jason and Sam resolve to not let Franco get in the way of their love. Coleman shows Jason some more of Franco’s artwork in Port Charles. Shawn moves into Carly’s Jason might have a breakthrough with Franco’s graffiti. Jason loses his temper and Dante is forced to make a big decision.

While Dante asks Delores to drinks, Lulu gets some much needed advice from Maxie. Sonny faces his demons with Kate coming to his rescue. Johnny and Delores spar at Jake’s. A frantic Maxie leaves fruitless messages searching for Matt. Maggie questions Steve about Lisa’s murder, and it seems they have secrets, too. Michael is determined to find Franco, despite Sam’s reservations. Delores swipes Dante’s evidence room key. Caged like an animal, Jason loses his cool and attacks again. Sam begs Michael to keep Franco’s latest DVD a secret from Jason.


Robin has a heart to heart with Patrick but he assumes she’s talking about Lisa’s murder on Monday, December 5th.

Sonny enters the brownstone he shared in Bensonhurst with his mother and Deke and meets his young self on Tuesday, December 6th.

Sam breaks down in front of Michael and the two share their mutual experiences with violence on Wednesday, December 7th.

Sonny and Kate start to move fast, but Kate puts on the brakes on Thursday, December 8th.

Mac, Ronnie, Dante and Delores gather all of the murder suspects in one place on Friday, December 9th.


Ethan takes on a new job as caretaker of Wyndemere. Patrick gets unsolicited advice about Emma from Maggie. Lucky visits Elizabeth. Robin and Jason have an important talk. The PCPD troubleshoot closing the Lisa Niles murder case. Michael and Sam rush off to Chicago. Sonny and Kate get close. Monica becomes concerned about Jason’s anger issues.

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