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GH Previews: Week of December 19


It’s an unexpected Christmas eve wedding for Dante and Lulu!!


The week begins as Matt interferes with a potential Christmas family celebration for Elizabeth and Lucky, as Ewen watches. Elsewhere, Kate gives Sonny a Christmas surprise. The Corinthos mob office gets a surprise, too, intended for Jason. Later, Elizabeth and Lucky start to share Christmas together – but Maxie bursts Elizabeth’s bubble by exposing Elizabeth’s true intentions. Sonny and Kate share some happy moments… but are interrupted with important news. Dante has an important moment. Matt and Maxie reconnect after the drama, promising a loving Christmas for the two. Meanwhile, Lucky decides to take off to Ireland despite Cameron’s hopes that his parents reunite for the holidays. Spinelli invites Maxie to spend the holidays with him. Carly arrives home to find Shawn has redecorated her house in the spirit of Christmas.

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Olivia gleefully gathers the Bensonhurst family to attend an unexpected Christmas Eve wedding – only for Dante and Lulu to put the brakes on expanding the guest list. Dante and Lulu are finally married! Robin bursts into tears and falls into Patrick’s arms as she wraps Christmas presents. Robin gets an important phone call. Jason and Sam renew their love Christmas Eve. At the holidays, the Quartermaines find themselves in a familiar position worrying about Jason’s anger issues. Someone has bought gifts for all. Franco has yet another gift. Cameron gets angry at Elizabeth just as Ewen arrives to hear. Meanwhile, Lucky reaches his destination.


Matt gets frustrated about his work and talk turns to Lisa Niles once more. Michael tries to comfort Sam, bringing to light his past struggle with rape. Jason tries to comfort Sam, but his anger is out of control. Ridiculously happy, Dante and Lulu decide to take a trip to special place in Manhattan giving Lulu food for thought with life as a cop’s wife. Sonny takes a new role. Elizabeth and Maxie get an earful from Matt, and the two go off on him as well.

Ethan seeks advice from Lucky about his Wyndemere woman. Lulu makes Dante very happy. When Monica offers Robin back her Chief of Staff position, Robin makes an interesting decision. Sam realizes Jason has seen Franco’s DVD, and they discuss their future. Both Carly and Sonny try to comfort Michael over Abby’s accident.


Patrick asks Robin about her “patient,” but Robin redirects his attention on Monday, December 19th.

Maxie finally realizes Matt has Elizabeth on his mind maybe a little too much and decides to take matters into her own hands on Tuesday, December 20th.

Elizabeth slaps Maxie on Wednesday, December 21st.

Robin calls Brenda for help on Thursday, December 22nd.

Dante and Lulu tie the knot on Friday, December 23rd.


Sam and Patrick discuss marriage and family. Carly gets Shawn a dog. Olivia tries to salvage Lulu’s cooking. The Woman in White leaves Ethan a message. Tracy calls out Lulu. Elizabeth and Maggie compare notes on relationships. Robin and Patrick share a heartfelt evening with Emma. Sam suffers from nightmares. Everyone gathers at the MetroCourt for a New Year’s Eve bash.

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