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OLTL Previews: Week of December 19


Rex and Stacy and Cutter come face-to-face.


Gigi’s loved ones gather in Paris, Texas, and share fond memories of Gigi. After waking in Cutter’s arms, “Stacy” meanders by and peers into the windows of the Bon Jour café, and she is deeply touched by the sight of all the people she loves. The judge of the pie contest is the descendent of Professor Del Fina, who had helped Rex and Gigi travel through time. After the contest, all the Llanview residents head to the airport to return to Llanview, but the airline is oversold and Rex remains behind to take a later flight. Rex and “Stacy” come face-to-face. Rex goes off on “Stacy” who defends herself by swearing she doesn’t remember anything. Rex grows more angry until Cutter interrupts and tells Rex and Stacy the truth. Rex doesn’t immediately accept what Cutter is telling him and is infuriated and punches Cutter out. “Stacy” is concerned at first, but Rex reveals that Cutter is a murderer and tells her she is no better. “Stacy” laments that she cannot remember her past. Professor Fina arrives to help. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Shane arrives home to find Aubrey decorating for Christmas. Aubrey promises Shane she is not trying to replace Gigi, and Shane confides in Aubrey about his plan to get justice. Shane reminds Neela that he needs her help to get Jack’s confession, and after they share a kiss, Jack makes a heartbreaking confession to Neela as her recorder rolls. While maintaining Shane’s confidence, Aubrey tries to warn Rama to keep an eye on Neela. In spite of her misgivings, Neela plays Jacks confession for Shane. Shane calls John over Neela’s objections.

John is at the hospital to bring Tea home after her crisis is averted. Todd interrupts as they are discussing him, and Tea unleashes her fury. Todd is alarmed by her hostility. Later, Tea grows anxious that Todd is trying to get closer to Dani and almost goes off on him again, but John holds her back reminding her that she must take care of her unborn baby. John insists Tea stay away from Todd because she’s in danger of blowing the investigation. Dani tells Tea she invited Todd to spend Christmas Eve with them. Meanwhile, Todd is making headway with Jack.


Roxy’s dreams take shape. Viki returns home to find Clint in Kim’s clutches. Upset, she leaves and is comforted by David. Clint tells Natalie about what happened with Viki and Natalie reveals she’s having second thoughts about John after talking with Jessica and plans to find John to talk to him. Natalie finds John with Tea. Christmas Eve arrives and Todd is with Blair and their children. Dani finds gifts that Victor left for his family. Natalie talks with Viki about Clint and Clint tells Jessica he sent Kim away because he loves Viki. John arrives with a gift for Liam.


Special Episode: Roxy dreams of Fraternity Row on Monday, December 19.

Kim comes to Clint to find out if he’s made up his mind, and plants a big kiss on him just as Viki returns home on Tuesday, December 20.

After getting Neela’s reassurance that Jack can trust her, Jack spills the whole story about his part in Gigi’s death while Neela secretly tapes him on Wednesday, December 21.

Tea is upset that Todd’s worming his way into a closer relationship with Dani. Almost loses it again, but John pulls her back on Thursday, December 22

Blair explains the Echo diSavoy-as-Santa incident to Todd. Alone, Todd is visited by Irene who warns him that if anyone finds out he killed his brother, he’ll lose everything again on Friday, December 23.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 25.

Shane comes face to face with his mother, a beloved couple decides to marry, Gigi and Shane come face-to-face with Jack.

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