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GH Previews: Week of December 26


Jason and Robin find themselves in a familiar place.


Sam and Patrick talk about their lives. The two exchange supporting words about family and marriage. Elsewhere, Robin and Jason talk about Franco, but the question is will Robin and Jason take their own advice to each other and finally be honest with their significant others?

Later, Robin and Jason each continue to try to convince the other one to take the proper steps regarding their health care. Michael offers to help Jason. Maggie offers to help Robin. On New Year’s Eve, Sam startles from a nightmare. Robin and Patrick share a warm evening with Emma. As Jason rushes home, the shadow of Michael runs into the street and there is an accident.


Carly gets Shawn a PTSD solution: a dog. Lulu is determined to cook a meal, but Dante and Olivia are ready with a fire extinguisher. Sonny and Kate talk about their relationship status despite Kate’s mysterious phone calls. Dante catches Delores in the evidence room again. Dante and Lulu have a romantic evening. Sonny flexes his verbal muscles with the Zaccharas. Jax returns. Carly tries to convince Michael to let Abby go, but Michael reacts violently.

Shawn confides in Ewen. Tracy calls Lulu out. Sonny forces Dante into a father-son talk. The Woman In White leaves a message for Ethan –and Ethan gets a glimpse of her. Elizabeth and Maggie discuss men and the mystery man that saved her from the water. Olivia, Lulu, Dante, Carly, Alexis, Diane, Anthony, Tracy, Kate and Sonny are ready to party at the MetroCourt. A vengeful Michael seizes an opportunity by announcing big news. A scandal breaks out across our characters. Sonny gives Kate a belated Christmas gift. Anthony seizes an elevator opportunity with Tracy.


General Hospital rebroadcasts the August 26, 2011 episode on Monday, December 26th.

Robin and Jason talk about the future and share advice on Tuesday, December 27th.

Michael goes to Carly’s to tell her he thinks he saw Jax at the airport on Wednesday, December 28th.

Elizabeth has a flashback to her rescue and stumbles upon a clue to her mystery man’s identity on Thursday, December 29th.

Everyone gathers at the MetroCourt for a big New Year’s Eve bash on Friday, December 30th.


Jason gets news on Michael. Alexis is furious with Carly. Patrick busts Robin. Jason flashes back. Sonny and Kate make date plans. Michael goes to Johnny for a job. Alexis confronts Sonny. Robin asks for Elizabeth’s help. Another Port Charles wedding hits the tabloids.

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