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OLTL Previews: Week of December 26


John and Natalie make plans for New Years Eve as Llanview couples clear up misunderstandings.


Rex and Gigi wake up in each other’s arms, while Shane is basking in his satisfaction over making Jack pay. Todd reassures Blair that they will not lose their son. Todd reflects on Tea’s recent hostility and realizes she knows he killed Victor. John and Natalie are shocked to discover Gigi is alive. Gigi reveals what she learned on the tape, then Natalie recaps for her how she and John learned the truth. John and Tea face-off over Jack. John and Natalie make plans for New Years Eve. Clint and Viki share their feelings. Rex tells Gigi they need to finish what they started. Madame Delfina comes to John with a dire warning.


ENCORE EPISODE: Monday, December 25.

Todd and Blair grow closer as he promises her that they will not lose their son on Tuesday, December 26.

Todd issues a warning that Neela will not get away with hurting Jack on Wednesday, December 27.

Rex tells Aubrey that Gigi is alive. Cutter calls Kim, hoping she’ll help him get out of prison on Thursday, December 28

It’s New Year’s Eve. An eerie fluctuation in the town’s power grid begins affecting the electricity. John receives a visit from Delphina, who warns him of a darkness coming to Llanview on Friday, December 29.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of January 2.

The town of Llanview is plunged into darkness and things will never be the same.

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