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DAYS Previews: Week of December 26


John’s problems aren’t over just yet; Marlena reaches out to Will.


Madison and Brady are shocked by an act of treason. Marlena makes Will an offer. John confronts Stefano. Jack and Jennifer kiss in the most unlikely of places. Will spends New Years with Sonny and his friends.


Monday – On Christmas night in Horton Square, Bo and Hope find another clue to Alice’s secrets. John and Marlena’s romantic celebration is crashed by family members in need. Sami’s guilt continues to grow, despire her vow renewal with Rafe.

Tuesday – Quinn helps keep Daniel busy as he awaits his results. Jack tries to get some alone time with Jennifer. EJ berates Stefano for John’s release from prison until an unlikely press opportunity has him singing a different tune.

Wednesday – A business opportunity arises for Rafe and Carrie. An intimate moment for Brady and Madison is interrupted by an announcement from Sami. Kate’s plans begin to come together, while Stefano’s scheme against John unravels.

Thursday – Stefano gives John the chance to end their fued for good. Melanie denies her feelings for Chad in order to avoid fighting with Abigail. Daniel finds help in an unlikely place. Will looks for support.

Friday – Sami fears that Will is on to her, but it’s EJ who’s actually on to Will. New Year’s Eve brings financial problems for John, heartache for Abigail and hope for Nicole.


Will decides to leave town. Sami questions herself because of Kate.

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