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GH Previews: Week of January 9


Watch out Port Charles…Sonny is out for revenge!


Sonny continues to hold a grudge and gathers information on Jax – just as Kate arrives to bear witness. Kate makes a mysterious call, is it to Jax? Later, Kate and Sonny get hot and heavy when Carly finds herself in a familiar place with Sonny. Carly comes onto Johnny, hoping it will keep Michael out of the mob. Meanwhile, Anthony gets a visit from Michael. Michael demands justice from the PCPD, who has yet to find the stripper murderer.

Later, Delores finds a clue that connects the victims. Carly asks Luke for a bargaining chip with the Zaccharas. Sonny and Johnny have a confrontation and Michael asks his father to do what the PCPD has failed to do. Delores points out some conflicting information about the stripper attacks. Jax is back in town. Kate talks Sonny down from compromising his son with mob revenge but he gets into trouble anyway. Michael buys a gun.


Sam is having a one on one with Michael, but she gets a call from Patrick with questions about Jason’s recent behavior. Sam’s pregnancy test results come in. Ethan finds out more about the Woman in White, aka Cassandra. Olivia asks Steve about Maggie. Jason decides to go after Franco – for good. Sam watches a nurse and infant at the hospital. Patrick overhears Jason demanding Robin tell her husband the truth. Robin skirts the issue and Patrick lovingly sends her off. Sonny and Kate agree to go public.

Freaked that she is being followed, Maxie lets loose on Lulu as they practice yoga. Anthony readies himself to marry Tracy Quartermaine with Maxie’s helping hand. Johnny makes a strange demand of Steve Webber. Maxie fearfully works with Anthony on the wedding and Lulu questions Tracy on her fishy engagement. Tracy is threatened. Sonny tries to talk Jason into letting go of Franco. Sam gets a call from Alexis and Molly. Jason confronts Franco. Steve and Maggie discuss their mutual secret. Patrick is worried that he has not heard from Robin. When Robin finally calls, she is not where she claims to be. Elizabeth has a heart-to-heart with Patrick. Ethan and Cassandra get closer.


Elizabeth makes an important promise to Robin on Monday, January 9th.

Carly walks in on Sonny and Kate on Tuesday, January 10th.

Helena Cassadine lurks at Wyndemere on Wednesday, January 11th.

Sonny and Johnny face off at the office on Thursday, January 12th.

Sam shares her pregnancy test results with Jason on Friday, January 13th.


Patrick calls Robin. Matt is concerned about Ewen and Elizabeth. Lulu confronts her brother. Tracy is upset by recent events. Maxie and Liz spar. Carly and Johnny make plans. Steve and Olivia’s quality time is interrupted. Jax gives Michael father-like advice. Olivia and Kate confide in each other. Johnny makes a surprising discovery.

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