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Switched At Birth Recap: "The Tempest"


If Snooki and Kendra Wilkinson can write a book, so can Kathryn, who is determined to write their story of the switch.

She met with the same reporter who published the article about their family during the first half of the season. The article made it sound as if they were okay with the switch happening, but acceptance is different than being okay. My only issue with Kathryn taking on this endeavor is that she’s leavingReginaout of it. Yes,Reginaknew about the switch, but it’s bound to come out to the public at some point anyway. Shouldn’t they cover it on their terms before someone else does?

Daphne has made a friend, several actually, and one just happens to be an old friend of Bay’s. Judging from Bay’s reaction to Daphne hanging out with Simone, this girl is bad news. Sure, cooking class and basketball games are nothing to worry about, but getting a fake ID to go to a club? Daphne went straight to Wilke for the ID, which led to him and Toby starting a fake ID business (As if this won’t get these boys in to even more trouble). I’m pretty sure Wilke only said yes because he’s so smitten on Daphne.

So smitten, that he shows up at the club and Daphne is annoyed. According to Wilke, she’s given him all kinds of hints, but she tells him he’s not her type. This stings. I get the impression that Wilke doesn’t usually chase girls. They just come to him. Considering how much he and Daphne talk, get along, and have fun together, why wouldn’t he like her and consider her liking him a possibility? Wilke fires back that her type is deaf and into Bay, leaving Daphne to go drink with the girls and make out with random strangers in the bar. Daphne, get away from these girls immediately!

Aside from her new friends, Daphne was having issues with John after being offered a position on the Buckner basketball team, which would mean leaving herCarltonteam. He didn’t even hear her out, so it was nice that Daphne stood up for herself. She wants to play basketball on a good team. It makes her happy when so few things have lately. John better accept it and not give her too hard of a time. I just hope being on the team doesn’t lead her down the wrong path with these girls.

Meanwhile, dealing with your boyfriend’s mother is hard. No one knows this more than Bay, who spent the entire episode being mocked, blamed, and all around treated badly by Emmett’s mother, Melody. Apparently, Emmett’s been misbehaving; skipping school, dropping classes, and failing tests. Melody’s biggest issue is that Emmett wants to take speech therapy to help him better communicate with his girlfriend. She’s a helicopter parent and Emmett just wants a little bit of freedom.

Like a lot of guys, Emmett is clueless about the importance of his mother liking Bay. His girlfriend points out that Melody is his mom, Regina’s best friend, and coaches Daphne’s team with her dad. Emmett sets up a game night for them and Bay invitesReginaalong. She stresses about what to wear, showing Melody she is trying with sign language, and even brings along artichoke dip. None of this is important because Melody is rude, mocks her signing mistakes, and name drops Daphne like she’s the Messiah or something. Bay flees the scene,Reginatells Melody to get it together, and Emmett accuses her of not wanting him to be happy and stalks off. Melody won the game this time.

Her win was short-lived though. Like any mother who is brought down to size by her son, her best friend, and her son’s girlfriend, Melody comes crawling back with her tail between her legs. She apologizes to Emmett and promises to be nicer to Bay, but he has to get it together with school.

Unfortunately, things seem to have gotten really crazy with Emmett, so crazy that the episode ended with the police pulling in his driveway to arrest him. This scene served as another interesting way to show life between the deaf and the hearing. The police called out to him, but he couldn’t hear them, and they ignored his gestures. Walking toward them likely came off as threatening, which led to the police slamming him down on the ground and cuffing him. Just what in the heck did you do, Emmett? Here’s hoping we find out next week!

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