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Revenge Recap: "Infamy"


Like with any worldwide scandal, a book about the infamous David Clarke was written. Unfortunately for readers, said book was severely lacking in journalistic integrity and fact.

Mason Treadwell knew every last truth about Clarke’s scandal; the affair with Victoria, Amanda being forced to lie, and that oh, so important paternity secret. Instead of printing it, he allowed the Graysons to coerce him into writing their version, basing his entire writing career on a stack of lies.

It was clear from the start that Mason wasn’t very bright. He welcomed Emily and Nolan into his once Hemingway owned home, his eyes filled with stars at the possibility of writing a book on Nolan. Who knew Mr. Ross was Forbes seventh youngest billionaire? He let it slip that he’d been writing his memoir on a typewriter, leaving only one copy, causing Nolan and Emily to share a look that basically said Mason was making it easy on them. And oh, boy did he.

Victoriamanipulated him into meeting with Amanda Clarke in hopes of finding out why she had returned to theHamptons. Once Emily found out about this meeting, she intercepted things with Amanda and admitted that there may be more to her father’s story. Amanda agreed without a second thought, funny considering how she spent a majority of the episode playing with a Zippo lighter, acting out, and being upset that Jack may have feelings for Emily.

At the meeting, Emily feeds Amanda what to say through an ear piece. She explains she came back to theHamptonsbecause she wants to have a good life and put down roots, followed by a clear attack on every lie Mason fed the world in his book. This had to be therapeutic for Emily, who finally got to say everything she wanted, offering Mason one last time to correct his mistake.

Still under Victoria’s manipulations, Mason reaffirms that everything he wrote was the truth, causing Emily and Nolan to frown heavily. This leads to a sequence of events Mason could have avoided if he told the truth. Nolan takes Mason out to discuss his biography while Emily bears her black hooded sweatshirt and sneaks on to the property. She steals the interview tapes with her father, lights a cigarette and drops it on Mason’s memoir, and finishes it off by placing Amanda’s Zippo on top of it. Mason Treadwell is finished.

Never mess with Emily Thorne, guys.

However, the one thing that could throw Emily for a loop is on the horizon: a proposal. Victoria’s lawyer advised her son to have his trust released so they could combine their shares and take control of the company. Conrad and his lawyer saw this coming twenty miles away and simply revised the terms of Daniel’s trust. He gets the money, but no shares until he’s thirty or married.

An engagement to Emily Thorne is the last thingVictoriawants, but Daniel says he loves her, so why wait? Plus, it will give them the upper hand against Conrad. Frustrated,Victoriasends Ashley off to drop the bomb on Emily, who tells her she should know if Daniel’s motives are pure. It’s amazing how less and less of a friend Ashley becomes each week. Unfortunately, Emily didn’t seem too concerned by learning about the rules of the trust. She can smell a manipulation as soon as it forms in someone’s mind.    

While on the subject of Daniel, I have to give him a notable sexy moment when he went to the shooting range with Emily and Nolan. Who knew he was that handy with a gun? (Even if Emily did outshoot him – still hot.)

The episode ended with one last bang, Emily at home watching Mason’s interview with her father, who told him that Charlotte was his daughter. Suddenly Victoria’s whole bit about wishing Charlotte had never been born makes a lot more sense. I’m not surprised by the paternity secret, more so that David Clarke actually knew Charlotte was his. And I really can’t wait to see what Emily does with this information. Is it next Wednesday yet?

Amber Cunigan
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