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The Good Wife Recap: "Bitcoin For Dummies"


Holy intense drama with our Lockhart/Gardner players! This week’s guest star was Jason Biggs, whose character came to Alicia for help in defending his private client against the U.S. Treasury in the episode “Bitcoin for Dummies.”

I don’t know about anyone else…but I didn’t care who Mr. Bitcoin was or if we ever found out whom he/she was. There was so much more going on outside of this case, that it annoyed me every time “Bitcoin” was said.

Wendy Scott-Carr and company continue to anger fans by building their case against Will Gardner. This time, they made it even worse by bringing Kalinda into the mix. After meeting with Will and his lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni, brilliantly played by Carrie Preston, Wendy walked away…”played”, as Cary so calmly pointed out. Annoyed at this turn of events, Wendy ordered Dana to use Kalinda to get what they needed to help them take down Will.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you wondered exactly how Dana would try to blackmail Kalinda for dirt on Will. Remember the conflict of interest form from last week? The one Alicia suspected might be forged? Yeah. Now, exactly how did those SOB’s at the States Attorney’s office get that? Cary? I really, really hope not. But, I’m almost sure it was him. I loved how Kalinda’s loyalty to both Alicia and Will rose to the surface the moment she saw it. Dana informed her that if she didn’t cooperate, they would go after Alicia, even though it’s Will that they want. In response, Kalinda crumpled up the form and left, without saying a word.

Already worried that he would somehow be found vulnerable, Will asked Kalinda to review Lockhart/Gardner’s cases that were presided over by the three judges under investigation: Parks, Winter and Dunaway, for anything that could possibly make him look bad. Unfortunately, she did find one case that could hurt him. They brought the matter to the attention of Elsbeth, preoccupied with the design of Will’s office, who seemed unsettled by the information and left. That’s right. She said nothing…and left.

When Kalinda asked Will what he wanted her to do, he simply told her he couldn’t ask her to do anything. With one look at her and then at the file sitting between them, she nodded and walked out with the file in hand. The episode ended with Kalinda handing said file over to Dana from the SA office. An action that left me, and I’m hoping many other fans, screaming at the TV asking Kalinda what was wrong with her.

While all of this went on, Alicia was not only dealing with the Mr. Bitcoin case, but also with her son Zach and his, in her opinion, fast moving relationship with former classmate, Nisa. When she heard them exchange “I love you’s” before Nisa left their apartment, she grew concerned. The next time she and Zach were alone, she took the chance to talk to him about it. Even though he didn’t quite get why she was concerned, he agreed to see her less. Or, that’s what he wanted her to believe. Next we see him; he’s taken Nisa to his father’s apartment instead of his. To his surprise, Grandma Florrick was in the house! After his grandmother said pretty much exactly the same thing to him regarding his relationship with Nisa, he decided to take advantage of the already sensitive relationship between his mother and grandmother to get what he wanted. Those Florrick kids, I tell ya. Forever causing some sort of problem.

So after Kalinda left me screaming at my TV, I’d like to mention that I don’t believe she threw Will under the bus. I think she removed whatever incriminating documents there were in that file. At least, I’m hoping she did. After that, CBS sucker punches us by telling us we have to wait two weeks for the next new episode. TWO WEEKS?!?! After they told us that we were getting THREE new ones in a row?! Hey…we’re not stupid, guys. We can add. How about that promo, though? Can’t wait!

Watch and bow down to Queen Alicia…

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