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The Vampire Diaries Recap: "The Ties That Bind"


After three and a half seasons, Bonnie Bennett finally got an episode that not only provided background and insight into her lineage as well as the supernatural happenings of Mystic Falls, but centered on her as well.

Other than her late Grams and her barely mentioned father, we know nothing about Bonnie’s family, so when she and Elena tracked her mother down, I was very excited. Unfortunately finding her mother wasn’t in an effort to have a heartfelt reunion. Through continuous nightmares Bonnie realized her mother, Abby Bennett, would be able to help her open Klaus’ super locked coffin.

Upon arriving at her mother’s home, Bonnie met Jamie, a boy her mother had raised, which brought up all kinds of mommy issues. Abby explained that she was Elena’s mother’s best friend and left town after a vampire came searching for the doppelganger in MysticFalls. That vampire was none other than Mikael, Klaus’ father. She lured him out of town and into a coffin where she trapped him. Can we talk about how everyone in Elena’s life knew she was in danger for her entire life? Sure, they took preventative measures, but don’t you think they should have left her a really long letter explaining how complicated her life would one day become? I’ve lost count of how many times Elena has come close to death, but it’s been chasing her since infancy.

Bonnie understood why her mother, but not why she never came back. Apparently Abby was too busy enjoying not being a witch. It took precedent over her husband and daughter, her punishment being the loss of her powers.

While Bonnie rehashed the past with her mother, Elena argued with Stefan who had tracked them down. Neither she nor Bonnie realized that they had stepped into a hybrid trap. Jamie shot Stefan with a wooden bullet, tied Elena to wood beam, and he and Abby drove off with Bonnie. Damn compulsion. Although I did kind of cheer when Jamie shot Stefan, who was being a Grade A jerk as usual.

Abby was compelled to find out where Klaus’ coffins were. If she failed, Jamie, who was patrolling Stefan and Elena, was going to have to kill himself. Proving she wasn’t all bad, Abby used her cell phone – thank god for technology – to let her daughter warn Damon. Elena quickly realized that Jamie couldn’t hurt and used this in her favor, which resulted in a fantastic, badass girl beat down that saved Stefan’s life. I love when this show let’s a girl take charge like this.

The coffins whereabouts passed on to Klaus, Abby expressed her desire to help Bonnie, admitting that her powers faded over time but they were strongest around her daughter. Maybe they’ll come back again. Something tells me this mother-daughter reunion isn’t going to be that easy.

Back at Abby’s, Elena managed to pull the wooden bullet from Stefan’s chest with her bare hands. Seriously, that is badass – not to mention kind considering how awful he’s been to her. In true teenage girl fashion, Elena picks the worst possible time to tell Stefan that she kissed Damon (note that it was not Damon kissed her!). Even better, she doesn’t feel guilty that it happened, just that he doesn’t know. And all of a sudden, Stefan Salvatore had feelings again. The fallen look on his face, the way he walked off into the dark, and his declaration that she was better than him and Damon caused me to feel sorry for him and I didn’t think that was possible anymore. Props to Paul Wesley for bringing it in those scene.

Meanwhile, back inMysticFalls, Alaric was getting to know his new lady friend, Meredith. Convinced she had a secret, Damon went straight to her and she not only revained him, but stole blood from his well. She later confessed to Alaric that she uses vampire blood to save her patients because she doesn’t like to see people die. Sweet? Yes. Wrong? Maybe. Twisted? A little bit.

Tylercalled on Daddy Forbes to help him fight Klaus’ control over him. Caroline started to watch the process, butTylerbegged her to leave. When she did, Daddy Forbes egged him into turning into a werewolf andTylerattacked him. So much for that plan, eh?

Thanks to Bonnie’s warning, Damon was able to remove the locked coffin, but couldn’t get to the rest. This made Klaus very angry, only he couldn’t kill Damon because then he wouldn’t know where the other coffin was. Brilliant!

Feeling smug as usual, Damon returned home and was greeted by a punch in the face from Stefan, who knew that Elena had told him. Let’s face it; Damon kind of deserved it for going after his brother’s girl. It’s total bro-code. He was also probably too excited about the dagger he was holding to worry about the punch.

Oh, that dagger.

You know, the one that was stuck in Elijah.

That’s right. Elijah is back! 

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