DAYS Previews: Week of January 23

Bo and Hope’s investigation into Alice’s secret may finally yield answers. Will Hope open Pandora’s Box?


John and Brady are surprised at the strength of their working relationship. Gabi convinces Chad to model with her at CW. After Stefano agrees to open the safe deposit box, Hope is unsure if she’s ready to see what’s inside. EJ catches Nicole plotting and turns the tables. Marlena takes Jack to a veteran therapy session to deal with his PTSD. Rafe is opposed to Sami’s scheming at work, while she revels in her success.

Monday – Hope contemplates whether to open Alice’s safety-deposit box. Madison reveals her secret plans with Sami to Brady. Chad and Abigail receive modeling offers. Jennifer and Daniel share a tearful goodbye.

Tuesday – Carrie and Austin can’t agree on a date night. Rafe is displeased with Sami’s secret job, while she revels in it. Nicole bribes Will with an inside job. Bo and Hope turn to Doug and Julie for advice.

Wednesday – Sami attempts to sabotage the lavish CW shoot starring Gabi and Chad. Will turns down an offer from Sonny. Austin has a surprisingly fun lunch date.

Thursday – Marlena takes Jack to a group-therapy session with veterans to deal with his PTSD. Abigail receives an enticing surprise.

Friday – Rafe and Carrie save Sydney’s birthday party. Abe sets up EJ. Will antagonizes his mother. Abigail has an unusual fantasy.


EJ and Abe face off in the mayoral debate. Will asks Sonny an important question.