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Revenge Recap: "Commitment"


Life in the Hamptons was all about commitment this week; commitment to lies and destruction and commitment between lovers and friends.

“Our lives are defined by the sum of our choices, but it isn’t our choices that distinguish who we are. It’s our commitment to them.”

Victoria spun an awful lie that reinvigorated Emily’s need for revenge. Conrad got the upper hand in the divorce, but destroyed his family in the process. Daniel declared his undying love for Emily. Amanda put her friendship with Emily above her relationship with Jack.

The happiest moment of the show, and let’s face it, there are not many genuine moments of happiness here, was when Daniel proposed to Emily. With a very, very giant diamond ring, Daniel expressed how much Emily had changed his life and allowed him to become his true self. Rain poured down on them as she accepted it and my heart grew ten times in size. Whether or not Emily’s feelings for Daniel are genuine have yet to be seen, but considering that she avoids talking about how she feels for him whenever Nolan or anyone else asks, I’d say this girl feels something. I imagine that feeling love is difficult after so many years of pent up resentment, heartbreak, and misunderstandings.

An engagement didn’t slow Emily down though. She sent the video of her father declaring Charlotte his daughter to Conrad, but made it appear as if it was really from Amanda. Conrad then used the tapes againstVictoria, vowing to turn her back into “the penniless bitch she was when he first met her.” A DNA test later, he confirmed that Charlotte wasn’t his, whileVictoriamanaged to get a DNA sample from Amanda Clarke when she invited her for tea. Thankfully for Emily, Victoria’s lawyer is on her payroll and swiped the spoon before it was sent off to the lab. Amanda’s true DNA stayed hidden, but unfortunately Charlotte’s did not.

This caused Victoria and Grayson to face off in a heated conversation that was overheard by Ashley. At least now, Emily’s so called best friend has wised up to just how dirty high society can be and seems to regret being such a bitch. That may be the only good to come out of this.Victoriaargued that she deserved something from Conrad after doing everything he asked her to when it came to David Clarke, but her husband gave her two choices: take what he wants to give her or let everyone in the world know she had an affair and a baby with a terrorist. Ouch.

Conrad took his anger out on Charlotte, sending her home to live with her mother and changing his mind about being so helpful to Declan’s future.Charlottewas understandably devastated. While Conrad was using Charlotte against Victoria, their relationship felt genuine. I’m hoping once the sting wears off, Conrad will realize that he is Charlotte’s father, DNA be damned.

Unlike Conrad,Victoria grieved over how her children would take the secret, admitting the truth to Daniel. Only in true Queen V fashion she took things a step further, working the secret in her favor by accusing David Clarke of rape. Daniel was devastated for his mother.

Fallout scattered from Charlotte’s paternity and Emily’s reaction to it.Victoriasent someone to Amanda’s apartment to retrieve David Clarke’s confession video and Jack was beaten when he tried to stop the thief. Nolan, who I am now convinced has more than just friends for Jack, lashed out at Emily, blaming her since she planted the tapes.

For the first time, Emily realized how much her desire for revenge could hurt those around her and decided to take a step back from her plan. She apologized to a sleeping and bruised faced Jack, then went to Amanda and told her everything about her father. It didn’t take much to convince Amanda to put herself and Jack out of danger by leaving town. Considering how she failed to leave last time though, I wonder if Amanda has gone far. She asked Emily to say goodbye to Jack for her, and unbeknownst to both of them, David Clarke’s confession is underneath Jack’s bed. Any thoughts on who will find it?  

Unfortunately for everyone in the Hamptons, Emily’s decision to backtrack from her revenge planned was forgotten when Daniel relayedVictoria’s version of her relationship with David Clarke. In a single second, Emily flipped the switched and asked about getting married in June. Now that’s one wedding I’d love to RSVP for, except we’re not sure if Daniel lives past the engagement party. The upside to this engagement is that we’re getting closer and closer to finding if Daniel’s body is the one on the beach – two episodes in fact, so stay tuned. 

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