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Switched At Birth Recap: "Protect Me From What I Want"


Let me start off by saying that I have a love/hate relationship with almost all of these characters. Usually, it changes from one episode to the next. However, last night? I was all over the place with all of them in just one episode!

We start off with Bay apologizing to Emmett for fighting with him in the last episode. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t like these two together. So, here begins my hate with Bay in this episode. In walks the one I dislike the most…Kathryn Kennish. Generally, I just find her annoying. She asks Emmett about school and here’s where I realize that something isn’t right with him. He mentions he has to take a family portrait for his photography class but can’t use his own family since they are always fighting. So, Kathryn suggests that he take their photo. He happily agrees and later in the episode, she shows him older family photos so that he can get an idea for what he wants to do. During this time, Kathryn jumps at the chance to talk to him about Bay and how happy she is that they are together. However, she reveals too much about Bay’s former boyfriends which doesn’t sit well with Emmett. He starts acting like a jerk to Bay (cue my hate starting for him in this episode) for not being honest about her feelings for Ty, her boyfriend before him. In the end, they end up exchanging “I love you’s”. Yuck.

Then we have Daphne dealing with her new friend Simone. Clearly the girl is up to no good and while Daphne is a smart girl, she’s also very naïve. However, she does go to Bay to ask her what happened between her and Simone to end their friendship. This was long overdue since Bay has been trying to warn her about Simone for awhile now. This was one of my favorite scenes of the episode. I love when these two get along and bond. No matter the reason for it. Hopefully, we get more of this. After telling Daphne the story of how Simone convinced her to take advantage of a former classmate’s vulnerability, Bay warned her to be careful with her and not to trust her. This is the part in the episode where I like Bay again. Daphne realizes that Simone lied about a missing watch and accused members of an opposing schools basketball team of stealing it. When she tried to come clean with the coach, she found out that Simone beat her to the punch and tried to make her look guilty. In the end, they competed against each other for a position in the starting lineup for their team and Daphne won.

Newly available Regina, thanks to Angelo’s disappearing act, has a sexy new client named Patrick in her chair. Turns out he’s a new local art gallery owner who happens to take a liking to her. She talks to him about Bay and her art and asks if he would consider coming to take a look at her work and give her some feedback. He agrees and visits her studio. After he was finished, Regina walked him out to his car. He asked her out to dinner and after some hesitation, she agreed. When he arrived to pick her up for their date, her mother, Adriana, stopped by and interrupted. Regina introduced them and Adriana proceeded to show Patrick some of Regina’s artwork. He ends up liking her artwork more than Bay’s and wants to showcase it in his gallery. Regina isn’t interested and showing her work and feels that if she lets him, Bay would get upset. In the end, Regina misses a call from Angelo. Hmmm… (Please let Gilles Marini come back!)

I mentioned one of my favorite moments earlier, now I will share my others. When Emmett sent that text to his mom, my heart broke for him. He clearly made a rash decision leaving her to go live with his dad and now regrets it. There is nothing in life like a mother’s love. This is when I like him again. I can’t wait to see Marlee Matlin back onscreen as his mom in scenes with him. My final favorite moment was when they were taking their family portrait. Like I said in the beginning, I have a love/hate relationship with them, but moments like this when they’re all together, getting along, warms my heart. This family is just like any one of ours. They have their issues with each other, but together, they are phenomenal.

Chrissie Ortiz
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