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Live Blogging ABC's Revenge – Chaos


TVSource does its first ever live blog for ABC’s Revenge! Who will survive the chaos at Daniel and Emily’s engagement party?

As one of the many new features to our website, from time to time our staff will live blog its favorite shows. Beware of the mild profanity, possible incoherent rambling and definite fangirling/boying and possible wars over Jack and Daniel. So for those who unfortunately have to miss tonight’s episode, allow our “commentary” to entertain you throughout the hour. We’ll be back at 9:55PM/EST to begin what could either be really, really good…or really, really bad.

The Anticipation

As we anxiously await tonight’s episode, let’s take a look at some of these production stills. What’s going on here?

And….this one has us really worried curious:

9:55 – Our excitement cannot be contained. Who will survive? We can’t WAIT!!! – 

9:58 – Just saw the promo for tonight’s episode. *shaking and crying right now*


– My husband (Daniel) must live because he hasn’t had a chance to marry me yet – Amber

OMG! Daniel! He’s down! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! – All of us

OMG OMG OMG! They shot him again!

Tyler’s back! Turns out he’s been in a hospital for the criminally insane. He wants some blackmail.

Oh…and he took the stripper – Angela. 

What? Jack is going to Haiti? Why? – Amber

Queen Victoria is speaking to Conrad. Victoria’s out for blood. Conrad taunts Victoria for her Daniel being upset with her. 

Daniel is in Emily’s house. Damn he looks good – Amber | He looks good in everything – Angela.

Daniel doesn’t want to go to the engagement party. Oh those eyes just longing to be loved. Daniel asks Emily to promise there will be no more secrets between them. Umm…Emily didn’t promise. – All of us.

Creepy Tyler knows Emily’s secret! The stripper girl (Amanda) is apparently tied to what…a dog collar? Tyler is attempting to turn Amanda against Emily. “Emily’s not your friend, Amanda, she’s your competition.”

Oh my god – Team psychopath and team stripper will make the best team ever! – Angela

Why do I find these scenes so amusing? – Amber

Our thoughts: They shot Daniel multiple times! How could they shoot someone so…perfect. It’s not fair AT ALL. – Amber

This is quite unacceptable – Ryan 

Charlotte finds pills in the medicine cabinet as Declan talks to her through the door. 

OXY! – Angela 

Queen Victoria tells Emily she would be brokenheart if the engagement party was cancelled. Girl, please. She wants Emily to get Daniel on her side. Emily is displeased and tells her she needs to earn back his trust. 

She just said suck it! – Angela

Their eyes say so much without saying anything. – Ryan 

Daniel meets with Papa Grayson, who wants Daniel to meet with Emily’s secret Japanese friend and convince him to keep his investment. 

I feel like he (Papa Grayson) has a secret too! – Angela 

Jack is so pretty though, but I’m just saying that to be nice to Angela. – Ryan


Jack is leaving Declan a teenage boy in charge of a bar. This makes no freaking sense, but whatever, Jack. You’re an idiot, so this doesn’t surprise me. – Amber

Papa Grayson tells Charlotte not to go around telling people her mother slept with a terrorist. 

OMG! He’s blackmailing her! Grandpa Grayson is a badass! – Ryan

Yes, he is! – Angela

Grandpa Grayson is going after Declan next and threatening his future. Team Papa G – 1 Charlotte – 0.

This effer’s as dirty as his son! – Angela

Emily just pulled a gun on Tyler and tied him up – kinky! I bet he likes it! – Amber 

AmandaStripper is not around and Tyler starts telling her how he told Amanda the truth and she didn’t believe her, except then the crazy stripper steps from behind the car with a gun. This is all because Emily took Jack from Amanda? NO! It’s about Amanda being screwed over by Emily! 

There’s the lesbian twist! – Angela

That stupid bitch. See? This is why you can’t do nice things for people! – Ryan

Amanda and Tyler ride off with the money and tell Emily they’ll see her at the party. 

Did she want to bang Emily and never got to? – Angela 

Emily has a new gun. Nolan asks if she’s determined to turn the party into a funeral and tells her to cancel the party. 

I really do like her top. – Angela

Emily’s face as she’s carrying a piece… – Ryan

Jack comes to tell Emily that he’s leaving and won’t be able to make it to her party. 

The way Jack is looking at Emily right now – I might – I might be Team Jack, but only if Daniel dies. – Ryan

Daniel’s not dying! – Amber

Jack loves her! – Angela

Holy crap. Jack just gave Emily the magical dog, Sammy. The dog that should be like ancient, but runs around like a puppy. 

It’s totally their baby! – Angela 

Nolan’s holding on for dear life as Jack hugs him goodbye. He is so in love with the hottie bartender. “Go with him! Sail away! Fail in love!” – OMFG. NOLAN. I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM SWOONING WITH THIS. – Amber

She’s protecting him! True love, suckers! – Angela

If a man trusts you with his dog, he loooovesss you! – Ryan

Victoria has amazing posture. – Ryan 

Conrad turned over the deed to the house. Queen V gets to keep her castle. 

Daniel meets with the Japanese guy whose translator is super annoying. Daniel can’t get by on his adorable charm with this guy because Japanese man thinks he’s an idiot. Emily tries to get in touch with her Japanese friend, but he won’t answer the call. 

Tyler and Amanda are back to their scheming ways, but Amanda is wavering on believing Emily is bad. Trust your gut, stripper! Do what feels right!

I feel like Tyler’s going to try and get one last shot at Daniel. – Angela

Just like a whore, taking a gift from her pimp. – Ryan

There is so much inappropriate sexual chemistry going on here. – Ryan 

Tyler’s cranky. He’s clearly in need of some loving from Nolan. 

It’s party time. Fire and ice. Lots of red, black, and white and pretty people gathering to gossip about everyone around them. 

Ashley looks like a creepy, freaking doll in that dress. – Angela 

Victoria tells Conrad she agreed to his divorce terms. 

She looks banging in that dress! – Angela 

Victoria Grayson is a boss bitch. – Ryan 

Victoria and Conrad need to have hot, angry divorce sex. – Amber

She pulls out a securities and exchange commissions card and eyes Conrad all Queen V like. She is going to take Conrad down. 

Emily hides a gun beneath her dress. 

All kinds of hot right there. – Angela 

That thigh. – Ryan

Serious question: how do you walk with a gun between your legs? – Angela

Tyler comes back to Amanda, who has refused to go to the party. He pulls a gun on her and forces her to choose between a bullet or the dress. 

KILL HER. KILL HER. – All of Us 


Amanda hits Tyler in the face with a crowbar and runs away as he shoots, but he misses. 

Back at the party, Daniel confronts Victoria about the rape lie and they share inappropriate chemistry.

Is there a Greek tragedy where the mother sleeps with the son? – Angela 

Oedipus! – Amber

The two fight over Emily and Victoria says Emily is too much like her and will screw him over in the end. 

Jack is loading up his boat to sail off and far away and never bother Amber again. 

He’s so sexy with his boat. I would do him six ways to Sunday. – Angela 

Nolan watches Jack load his boat on his phone, which should be creepy, but it’s sweet. He loves Jack so damn much. 

Japanese guy brings Emily a mysterious gift. 

It’s like having a demented fairy godfather. – Angela

He’s like a magical ninja. – Ryan

Amanda chases Jack down at the pier and see that he’s leaving. She says she’s sorry. Jack tells her he’s leaving. She wants to go with him. He has so many questions and she’ll give him answers – all of them. 

Remember when Joey left town with Pacey on his boat? That was so much better than this. – Amber 

Jack welcomes her aboard and they hug. 

Emily and Daniel are on the beach together and he asks her to go to Paris with him. He wants to getaway from his family and do this right. She tells him their lives are here and running away isn’t the answer. He says there’s nothing in the Hamptons except secrets and lies. 

He’s so going to die! He’s so going to die! – Ryan 

Daniel suddenly believes what his mother told him. What is this guy’s problem? You’re making it hard to love you future husband. – Amber 

Jack tells Amanda that Emily was the only one who supported their relationship. This calms Amanda’s lesbian love enough for her to tell Jack she loves him. 

Ew! She’s so gross! – Angela 

After she’s left Jack realizes he has blood on his hand. 

I’m going to assume she’s not menstruating. – Angela

Meanwhile, Amanda takes off in a cab. 

Things are feeling stressful at the party. I am nervous. – Amber 

Hello, Danny! Tyler approaches Daniel on the beach with a gun. Daniel tells Tyler he already knows the story and Tyler says that’s just the beginning. He hands Daniel a photograph – the one Emily was using to mark off the people she was taking down. He tells Daniel that Emily was playing him – playing all of them. He directs Daniel toward the shore. 

Charlotte is slipping pills. Uh, oh. 

Victoria is enjoying that Emily didn’t do what Daniel wanted and will show her gratitude. She proved Victoria right and she doesn’t even know it. 

Charlotte and Declan head to the beach. Jack chases after Amanda and hears the gunshot on the beach. He thinks it’s Amanda and goes running, falling a lot and it’s a little funny. Amanda stands over Daniel’s body and he tells her to take his truck and go.

And now we’re back to where the first episode began. We’ve come full circle! – Ryan 

Queen V gives her speech about fire and ice, beginnings and endings, and the love between a man and a woman. 

What is Nolan doing? – Angela

Emily calls Daniel and Jack finds his phone. Declan and Charlotte are getting naked on the beach. 

Whoa! Declan has abs. – Amber 

Victoria says Emily feels like a piece of the family puzzle they never knew was missing. She approves. She’s so damn good at lying through her teeth. 

Charlotte runs up screaming. Emily has a gorgeous slow motion run. 

Amanda can’t get Jack’s truck going and the Japanese fairy godfather pulls up and she gets in his car. Here’s hoping this bitch is dead! 


Shocker! – Angela

This means now that Daniel knows the truth about Emily though. This is about to be really, really bad. There’s blood on him and Victoria tells him not to say anything as she pulls him into a hug. 

I just want them (Victoria & Daniel) to have sex. – Ryan 

Previews for new episode in two weeks – Daniel says he has no idea what happened. Everyone gives the police their story. Daniel gets arrested for Tyler’s murder! 

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