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The Lying Game Recap: "Weekend of Living Dangerously"


This week’s episode began and ended with the lie that Sutton spun last week and Ethan failed to correct when given the chance.

Having plenty of experience with Sutton, Mads was the first to point out that Sutton was probably lying about sleeping with Ethan. Emma’s disbelief led to heated confrontations with both Ethan and Sutton, the latter’s resulting in a slap heard round the world. Personally, this slap was enjoyable for all the other awful things Sutton has done to Emma. Lying about Ethan was just the icing on a lie-layered cake. Ethan’s was less fun because after a few minutes of yelling they realized they’d been duped by Sutton and happily embraced one another. Only Ethan didn’t exactly come clean about kissing her. Nice one, Ethan.

This argument didn’t keep Sutton and Emma from teaming up to figure out what was going on with Ted and Kristin. They definitely have one of the most dysfunctional sister relationships ever. How much is Emma supposed to take from Sutton and still continue to work with her? While they desire the same ending, to find their birth mother and figure out what is going on with the Mercers, Sutton’s means of getting there always seem to hurt Emma.

With the Scooby Gang back together, they focused again on Derek’s murder. Even Mads showed her support, finally taking the stance that they have a right to know if her father did something wrong. Emma pointed out that Rebecca is the odd link. She got rid of Char and Phyllis, moved into their house, and quickly began a relationship with Alec. Since Emma and Ethan were off to Coachella withLaureland the band, Sutton, Mads, and Thayer decided to do some digging on Rebecca.

Ted used the empty house as an attempt to smooth things over with Kristin. They’d already fought because she was caught rereading Justin’s mother’s file. Instead of being honest about whatever is in Ted’s past, he lied and said the phone that day was from their fertility doctor. The distraction was Kristin not actually being pregnant, which caused her to feel responsible. Ted told her it was okay and promised no more secrets. However, immediately after he told Alec about the lie and asked what happened to them. There was something so devastating about Alec’s answer – that life happened and they were just dealing with it in their own way – that makes me even more anxious to find out what happened in the past.

Ted wasn’t the only one using an empty house to his advantage. Dan got friendly with Teresa, his old flame, and confessed why he became a cop. I thought his original story about the rich girl overdosing was a complete crock, but I’m guessing this means it true. That doesn’t mean it’s a good back story for Dan though. Teresa says maybe they should think about bringing Alec down together.

Meanwhile en route to Coachella, the band’s van breaks down and leaves them stranded inBuford,California. They find a garage, but he’s unable to fix the van in time. This overnight trip led to a cute conversation where Emma confessed her virginity to Laurel, who had a hard time believing it,Laurelrealizing her feelings for her cute bandmate and kissing him, and Ethan and Emma almost getting it on yet again. Ethan chose that prime moment to confess that something had happened between him and Sutton, which sent Emma into a tailspin. The history between him and Sutton is always getting between them. I’m kind of tired of it, honestly, and it’s ruined what was a cute relationship. Thayer and Emma, please?

Speaking of Thayer, he and Sutton tracked down Rebecca’s old housekeeper, who was far too accommodating when it came to giving them answer. Shouldn’t the hired help know better? The housekeeper was happy to hear that Rebecca was inPhoenixbecause that was where her true love lived. She kept his photograph in a locket.

This leads to another scheme of getting their hands on the locket. Mads and Thayer went to talk to Alec, who was lying blissfully on the couch with Rebecca, enjoying their engagement. Remember that ring Rebecca picked out a few episodes ago? Her prediction was correct. She got Alec to put a ring on it in no time.

Stunned, Thayer went to Sutton who was searching through Rebecca’s things for the locket. They finally noticed it hanging off the knob to a drawer on the bedside table. Thayer’s jaw dropped when he opened it, prompting Sutton to ask if the picture was of Alec.

It wasn’t.

It was Ted.

Given his harsh reaction to Rebecca returning, I’m not surprised, but I am curious as to how complicated their history gets. Anyone have any theories? 

Amber Cunigan
Amber Cunigan is a sarcastic mid-twenties undergrad, extreme book hoarder, Netflix addict, and reality TV aficionado. She enjoys excessive amounts of chocolate and caffeine, tweeting, and all things Ezra Fitz and Ryan Gosling. When it comes to TV, she expects to be thoroughly entertained and when not, she will slam and mock you, but still tune in next week. She's a glutton for punishment. Basically, she's awesome.

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  1. Well, they sure have taken the “Lying” part of the series seriously the last few weeks, right? Although I still like the show, I almost feel like it’s been too many lies to untangle, and it’s sort of taken away from the story plots and character development to have this messy of a web.

    I think the best part of this episode was following up with Laurel’s band on their way to Coachella…how fitting that they have car troubles on the way, that’s so common amongst good young indie bands to have to deal with, and I definitely LOL’ed at the old folks home gig – kinda reminded me of the fake wedding in Arrested Development haha. And speaking of music, I love that song they used when Emma and Laurel were talking about how they feel about Baz and Ethan, I looked it up and found out it’s “Sailin’ On” by Dylan Champion never heard of him before but I want to hear more!

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