Watch! Magazine: 'Bold and the Beautiful' Gets A Fashion Makeover

Katherine Kelly Lang

Get a sneak peek at an upcoming Watch! Magazine article featuring B&B associate producer Colleen Bell discussing the fashion makeover she’s giving the show.

Over the last 25 years, The Bold and the Beautiful has highlighted the ins and outs of the fashion industry, and the scandalous members of Forrester clan (and others) associated with it. For a soap about high fashion, there hasn’t been much real life high fashion showcased on the series, until now.

Michael Fairman of On Air, On Soaps spoke with the series’ associate producer, Colleen Bell — wife of head writer and executive producer Brad — to discuss how she plans to make over the series to incorporate the likes of Armani, Balmain and more!

Here’s a sneak peek:

WATCH!: Why did you decide to revitalize the fashion on B&B?

COLLEEN BELL: I had been looking at the show and thought we weren’t quite hitting that component out of the ballpark the way we should, given that at its core, the show is about two fashion families. I wanted to take on the role of making sure that B&B was all that it could be in terms of being a fashion-forward daytime drama.

WATCH!: What did you say to Brad to get him to “hire” you?

BELL: I said, “I really think this is something I can help you with. So, give me a year and we will turn the fashion style around.” My first step was to hire a new costume designer. I brought in Danielle King (the acclaimed costume designer from Ally McBeal), who is very creative. Hopefully, we will create interesting looks for the characters that viewers will want to tune in to see.

WATCH!: When you looked at the male mainstays on the show, Ridge (Ronn Moss) and Eric (John McCook), how did you update their looks?

BELL: Danielle and I spent hours breaking down each character, saying, “Who is this person? And what should he or she look like?” I knew exactly how I wanted Eric Forrester to look. So now, he’s in brands like Ralph Lauren. His suits fit perfectly and his shirts are custom tailored. He wears a pocket square because it adds an element of detail. As for Ridge, he should look like a very distinguished Italian businessman with pale grays and the occasional tone-on-tone shirt with his suit.!

 For more of Bell’s interview, in which she discusses who needed the biggest make over, how they put together the wardrobe and which designers provide inspiration, check out “The Bold Standard” in CBS Watch Magazine.