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DAYS Previews: Week of March 26


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Sami finds support in EJ and Lucas as she confides in them about her marital woes. Carrie finds herself on the receiving end of an angry tirade from Sami, and Rafe gets an earful when Sami confronts him about Nicole!


Sami confides in EJ about her marriage. Brady and Madison deal with their relationship woes. Sami talks to Lucas about her feelings. Kate confides in Ian regarding her marriage. Will talks to Marlena about his sexuality. Nicole and EJ discuss their marriage. Sami confronts Rafe about Nicole. EJ overhears Nicole’s secret. Carrie overhears Rafe talking about Nicole’s secret.

Monday – Stefano finally reveals the project he has in mind for John and Hope. Marlena reassures Will that he can confide in her about anything. Rafe informs Nicole he ended things with Sami. A conflicted Carrie tells Austin she can’t say what’s in her heart.

Tuesday – Sami opens up to EJ about Kate vowing to destroy her. Ian hosts a dinner for fashion editors. Madison warns Brady not to let Ian get to him. Chad romances Melanie back at his apartment.

Wednesday – EJ tells Sami that Rafe and Nicole had sex. Sami lashes out at Carrie and blames her for ruining her marriage. Billie asks Kate if she can move into the mansion. Marlena cautions Kate about being too pushy with Will. Lexie bails Abe out of jail.

Thursday – EJ warns Kate to back off threatening Sami. Kate confronts Marlena, demanding to know if anything is going on between her and Stefano. Sami accuses Rafe of sleeping with Nicole, which he denies. John and Hope agree to be hypnotized.

Friday – Sami is stunned when EJ presents her with an apartment. Nicole asks Rafe to help her get out of town. Lucas tells Sami his fiancée wants him back home. Melanie and Abigail commiserate over their individual woes. Stefano demands to know where his egg is.


Carrie overhears Rafe discussing Nicole’s pregnancy. Will Sami stop Lucas from leaving Salem?

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