B&B Previews: Week of March 26

Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke and Ridge conspire to end Rick and Amber’s personal and professional relationship.


In an effort to rid Forrester of Amber for good, Brooke hires Karen Spencer (Karen’s daughter and Bill’s niece) to work for Forrester Creations. How will Amber react when she meets her newest co-worker?

Monday – The Forrester Family gathers together to share a very special anniversary for Stephanie and Eric.

Tuesday – Hope implores Dr. Barton for more prescription medicine to settle her nerves. The Forrester Creations executives scramble to deal with a publicity crisis. Bill reminds Liam of all that Liam has given up.

Wednesday – Karen Spencer surprises her daughter, Caroline, with a trip to Los Angeles to interview for a position at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge scheme to ensure that Amber stays far away from the company, and from Rick.

Thursday – Karen suspects that Brooke has a hidden agenda when Caroline is offered a job. Thomas sets his eyes on the latest object of his desire. Amber feels the need to defend herself. Ridge is flooded with recollections of his past.

Friday – Caroline is introduced to Liam and Hope, Rick feels caught in the middle when Brooke and Amber both question where his loyalties lay. Hope begins to come apart at the seams.