Y&R Previews: Week of March 26

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Kevin and Chloe are forced to admit their true feelings; Nick and Sharon head to Japan.


Angelina and Daniel team up to reunite Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin and Chloe must come to term with their true feelings.

Jeff takes desperate measures to stop Gloria’s wedding.

Gloria learns the truth about Angelo’s schemes.

An impromptu double wedding has a surprising twist.

Chelsea learns who her father is.

Phyllis and Daniel prepare for Lucy’s custody hearing.

Sharon comes to a realization about Adam.

Nick and Sharon decide to travel to Japan to secure the Mitsukoshi deal for Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis is concerned by Nick and Sharon’s trip, but has bigger things to worry about.

Nick is impressed by Sharon’s business skills when she secures the business deal for Newman.

Cane rejects Genevieve’s apology.

Victor confronts Jill about the incriminating photo.

Will Nick be back in time to support Phyllis during the hearing?

Daniel faces tough questions to restore his parental rights.

Jack sues Genevieve for fraud.