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Weekend Web Series Roundup – March 31, 2012


Welcome to the inaugural Weekend Web Series Update, where we look at the best of what the web has to offer.

From the TV derivatives section, we have “Outbreak” from Body of Proof – Five episodes airing on between the episodes of two-parter “Going Viral”. The series follows a reporter as she tries to track down patient zero in a bio-terrorism outbreak. There is also the “Happy Rides” series from Happy Endings. Sponsored by Subaru, it’s about the gang reliving important events that happened in the character Penny’s first car.

Over at, there’s nothing specifically new coming out, but they are in the midst of several re-launches including the supernatural murder mystery Ragged Isle and simple down home drama River Ridge.

Anacostia, a drama about a predominately a black DC suburb and its inhabitants, uploaded its new episode “Show & Tell” ( The episode inches the plot along, and is mostly character interaction, but the opening scene has the most hilarious use of frozen peas ever.

Starring some former and current General Hospital stars, as well as a few primetime actors in supporting roles, Adults Only is the tale of a former Olympic Gold Medalist who has to manage his brother-in-law’s porn shop to make a living. (

Though it wasn’t within the last week, I want to highlight the new web series Squaresville which so far has only one episode up. ( It’s a cute looking show about a couple of counter-culture friends whose idea of vandalism is planting trees without permission.

Long running drama piece Anyone But Me just released their series finale. ( With three seasons under its belt, the show was one of the first to prove that online video could find a sizable audience, no matter how niche that audience may be.

With new shows being released every day, web series is a medium still in its infancy. But it’s one with limitless amounts of potential.

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