Days of our Lives Previews: Week of April 2

James Reynolds and Renee Jones

Lexie is stunned when her estranged mother returns to Salem; EJ confides in Sami about Nicole; Austin wants to save his marriage.


Rafe confronts EJ about Nicole’s pregnancy. Sami talks to Lucas about her feelings. Carrie overhears Rafe talking about Nicole’s pregnancy. Nicole is terrified that EJ will find out the truth. John and Hope complete the mission that was ordered by Stefano. EJ talks to Sami about his relationship with Nicole. Sami keeps Lucas from leaving Salem on Thursday, April 4. Kate and Ian share a passionate kiss on Friday, April 5.

Monday – Carrie talks to Marlena about Austin and Rafe. Rafe claims he’s the father of Nicole’s baby. Sami pleads with Lucas not to go back to Hong Kong. John and Hope play Stefano in a private, high-stakes poker game.

Tuesday – Austin finds a tearful Carrie and tells her he wants to save their marriage. EJ demands that Nicole take a paternity test. Marlena worries about John and Hope. Abe and Lexie celebrate their anniversary.

Wednesday – Daniel suggests that Lexie have a few tests run. Billie receives a call from ISA agent Spencer. John becomes mesmerized by a picture of Marlena. Lucas helps Sami move into her new apartment. EJ and Marlena speak privately about Will’s situation.

Thursday – Rafe and Nicole inform Daniel that EJ discovered her pregnancy. Abe and Lexie are stunned by Celeste’s sudden return to Salem. Melanie is upset to discover that someone has posted info about her sordid past on the internet.

Friday – John tries to get Hope out of her hypnotic trance. Stefano tests Kate’s loyalty. Lexie is given devastating news by Daniel. While at the hospital, Abigail sees the mysterious man she ran into earlier.


An emotional confrontation occurs between Sami, Rafe, EJ, and Nicole. Will talks to Sonny about his attraction and shares an attraction.