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Weekend Web Series Roundup – April 7, 2012


The latest roundup features new premieres on SFN, audio only series and the trailer for the sexy new series ‘Breaking Point.’

The web is as varied as anything ever could be, so from time to time this column may highlight a series that may be audio only, or some other format.

And as an example, we have Decoder Ring Theatre, which is an audio drama that just uploaded its 80th episode of headline series “The Red Panda”. It’s the story of a Canadian crime fighter and his sidekick the as they fight super villains, mafia families, and even Nazis in 1930s and 1940s Toronto.

Time Keeper, a new time traveling show in the vein of Quantum Leap released its third episode. Filmed in Florida, it’s a dark and foreboding sci-fi drama with heavy strokes of mystery throughout.

On Adults Only, we have Sebastian Bach (of Gilmore Girls and rock band Skid Rowfame) guest starring as a new employee who needs to be let go on his first day. There’s also a hilarious scene about massages that proves this show is at its funniest when it’s at its simplest.

Breaking Point, the sexy multi-ethnic drama from Hardly Working Productions, returns April 10th and released a scorching new trailer. If you haven’t yet, a marathon of the scandalous first season is highly recommended.

And on The SFN, Western drama Thurston premiered whilst supernatural murder mystery Ragged Isle released its season finale.

Goodnight, One Tree Hill

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