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'Bold and the Beautiful' Taps Crystal Chappell for Lesbian Storyline


Crystal Chappell

Former ‘Days of our Lives’ star Crystal Chappell will join the cast of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ next month for the soap’s first ever same-sex storyline.

As Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice exclusively reports, Chappell will play Danielle, one of Caroline’s (newcomer Linsey Godfrey) mothers. Caroline was introduced last month as Karen Spencer’s (Joanna Johnson) never-before-mentioned daughter. Apparently Caroline will reveal the news of her other mother to Thomas Forrester and her uncle Bill Spencer. No word if Joanna Johnson will return as well.

Chappell’s new role on B&B is the actress’ first daytime role since she was let go from Days of our Lives last year. This marks the second time Chappell is playing a lesbian (third if you include her role on her web soap Venice). During the final years of Guiding Light, Chappell was involved in a heavily promoted storyline in which her character Olivia fell in love with Jessica Leccia’s Natalia. Dubbed ‘Otalia’ by fans, the couple would go on to become one of the series’ most popular couples.

My Take: What? This is so random even for The Bold and the Beautiful. Smart move on B&B’s part to hire Chappell but isn’t this a little bit of typecasting? Kudos to the show for going forward with a same-sex storyline, especially after changing their minds about making Thomas gay. Chappell is a phenomenal actress with a major fanbase and would be a welcome addition to any soap opera. Kind of looking forward to this…a lot.

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  1. yayaya i want see   “when” pls

  2. Well I can’t wait.  I have watched BB on/off over the years but now with Crystal Chappell arriving to the show, I’ll be a full time viewer!!!

  3. BB’s first ever “Gay/Lesbian”story, NOT Really. Unless Joanna Johnson returns as well as Karen Spencer than it is just a fuex gay/lesbian story as was Yani Gellman’s gay story was on Y&R, who by the way is no longer even heard of or mentioned.
    This is only to bring in gay fans and fans of CC as can aleady be seen by some of the posts here. Believe me when I say I hardly doubt if we will see any real gay action on BB. One reason is CC and Joanna would have to become regulars on the show and two CC most likely dmands a high payck for any and all appearances as she should. This won’t be like GL or AMC folks. BB and Y&R are snapping up actors from fallen soaps like they are a dieing breed just to draw in those actors fans. They are hiring and then creating a roll. It’s like they think CC can only play a gay character since GL. They need to remember GL’s Olivia before Otalia, she was hot and great in her roll then too.

  4. Really????? How original ( rolls eyes) ! I’m sure this Storyline is just a way to increase numbers…. I have seen Venice and no disrespect but Chappell can’t play gay…. Why? Because she is not. The days of good writing on soaps is over!!! Maybe the die hard CC fans will tune in… But I won’t.

  5. Crystal is amazing and I’m excited to see her join the cast of B&B!!!

  6. CrystalChappell is an AWESOME talent and I am thrilled that she is coming to The Bold and The Beautiful. I will definitely be watching !!!  Thank you B&B !!!

  7. Here here! Im simply estatic Crystal will be on B&B. I hated when she left Daytime and glad to see her back. B&B just gain a viewer… and plenty more I’m sure!

  8. I don’t watch B&B..but I will be now. CC is brilliant.

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