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Revenge Recap: "Justice"


This week’s Revenge centered on the Grayson’s using their wiles to get Daniel (who knows how to wear the hell out of a suit) off for Tyler’s murder. Let’s recall that last week Mama Grayson had her own son beaten to a pulp to get him out on bail.  In this light, partaking in jury tampering is no big deal.  In her defense, she looked amazing in Dominick’s shirt and they are incredibly hot together, so I’m willing to overlook her Machiavellian tendencies when it comes to protecting her son.

I should point out that Conrad runs Dominick out of town by blackmailing him with art forgery involving Victoria.  I pray this isn’t the last we see of him, as his accent alone earns him a permanent place on this show for me.  Notice I said son, Charlotte is like her red-headed stepchild who happens to share her DNA. Quick word on Charlotte: she’s nowhere near rock bottom yet. While all of Victoria’s machinations are plotted, Emily keeps tabs via her planted bug in the Grayson compound. Once again, keeping her one step ahead of Momma Grayson. 

Jack continues to search for fake Amanda, a trek that Nolan keeps updating to keep him out of the Hamptons.  Unfortunately, he decides to come home to protect Declan from the mess of the Daniel Grayson trial.  My feelings about Declan will never change, so the less about his personality said the better. Nolan rescues Jack’s annoying little brother from a tramped up Charlotte sent by Victoria to persuade (read: sleep with) him to remember things differently. His testimony does not help Daniel’s case at all.

Everyone knows I love Jack (and he will end up with his soul mate, Emily), but even I realize he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when he continues to hold on to the bloody sweatshirt he wore the night Tyler was murdered. He and Declan both panic when it disappears, but once again Emily is total control and manages to save Jack and foil Victoria by conveniently planting it on her nemesis’ henchman, Lee Moran, for the police to find. 

Which leads me to comment on Daniel’s behavior.  He’s in the middle of being on trial for his life so being stressed is an understatement. He has Emily and Victoria pulling his strings unbeknownst to him and he’s battling his inner demons the whole time. (Remember he was a bad boy before turning his life around.) I get it, he’s a mess. This, however, is NOT an excuse for him to lay his hands on Emily in her house when drunk because he’s gotten it into his head that she’s cheating on him with Jack.  Personally, I was ok with him being arrested for house arrest violation and sent back to jail to ponder his decisions.

The last five minutes make the episode, especially since it’s set up to make you think Daniel has hung himself in his cell.  It turns out to be Victoria’s henchman who conveniently leaves a suicide note admitting to killing Tyler. Conrad learns about Victoria’s problem with Lee and makes a phone to clean up the problem. Meanwhile, Emily learns via the bug at the Grayson’s that her father was actually stabbed to death in prison. So if you thought her resolve to get revenge was faltering, it was just reignited…

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