General Hospital Previews: Week of May 14

Laura Wright

Tea and Carly face off; Kate confronts Connie.


Todd overhears a conversation between Kate and Alexis at the PCPD and later gets a surprising reaction out of Tea. He then intervenes when Johnny makes another attempt to win back Carly. Todd later attempts to blackmail Sonny, emotionally. But, when Starr remains in PCPD custody, he plans to solicit a deal from him.

Speaking of Starr, she confides in Kate about her recent loss and is later arraigned for the attempted murder of Sonny. As for Kate, after expressing her fears to Alexis, she decides to confront Connie with the assistance of a psychiatrist. After witnessing Kate confront Connie, Sonny realizes just how sick Kate really is.

Deciding not to stick to his promise, Spinelli reveals the real murderer of Lisa Niles as Maxie does the same with Matt. While Spinelli faces a difficult decision in court, Maxie admits to the cover-up. Later, Maxie is grateful for Spinelli.


Liz pays Ewen a visit. Luke and Anna babysit their grandchildren together. Wonder how Heather will feel about that? Sonny asks Alexis for help. Patrick requests that Epiphany reassign his patients and later admits to his brother, Matt, that he needs help dealing with his grief. Sam and Jason find comfort in others.

Olivia is disturbed by the timing of Maggie’s death on Monday, May 14.

What truth does Michael learn about Molly and TJ on Tuesday, May 15?

Carly gives her son advice on Wednesday, May 16.

Can Spinelli get through to Maxie on Thursday, May 17?

Luke straightens Tracy out on Friday, May 18.


Jason and Elizabeth have a moment. McBain confides in Tea. Johnny struggles with his conscience. And, why is ELQ on Edward, Monica and Tracy’s minds?