Bold & the Beautiful Previews: Week of June 4

Scott Clifton

Liam and Steffy spend their last hour together as husband and wife; Bill refuses to back down in his quest to break up Hope and Liam for good.


Monday – Steffy helps Liam make a decision about which woman to choose. Bill anxiously awaits word from either Liam or Steffy on the outcome of their evening. Ridge, Brooke and Taylor wonder which of their daughters will end the day heartbroken.

Tuesday – Steffy seeks comfort in her family. Hope is stunned when she discovers how Liam spent the last hours of his marriage. Bill puts his plan in motion. Hope asks Brooke to be the matron of honor at her wedding.

Wednesday – Brooke puts Ridge in a difficult position when she pressures him to support Hope at her wedding. Liam asks his father to be his best man. Stephanie pays a surprise visit to Liam.

Thursday – Bill fears that he’s been caught red-handed by Hope. Stephanie’s plea to Liam to change his mind is interrupted by Brooke. Bill candidly reveals his true feelings to Hope. Hope makes a bold request of Steffy.

Friday – Hope shocks Brooke and Ridge when she informs them of two additional guests she’s invited to the wedding. Bill encourages Steffy not to give up on Liam. Liam is mortified about what Hope did without consulting him.