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General Hospital Previews: Week of July 16


Julie Berman

Relationships and lives are left in turmoil amidst the reopening of the Haunted Star.

Julie Berman


Lulu returns to the Haunted Star and tells Johnny about her argument with Dante.  Despite Dante’s wishes, Lulu doesn’t want to give up working with Johnny and together they prepare for the grand re-opening of the club. Dante arrives at the Haunted Star in time to see Johnny and Lulu in what looks like a close moment. Heather watches Johnny and Lulu through the camera she planted in Johnny’s office. Johnny sends Lulu flowers.  As a result, Lulu and Dante share a tense morning.

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Trey is about to question Sonny about his discovery of his father’s medal when Joe, Jr., calls and tells him of his arrest.  Kate remains strong as she confronts the man who raped her and caused her mental breakdown, but she’s left unsettled when Joe, Jr., talks about the baby she gave birth to. As Kate tries to convince Sonny it’s time to put the bad behind them, Joe Jr conspires with Trey, to bring Sonny down.


Todd freaks to learn Blair’s coming to town for Starr’s big night and asks Carly for help.  Carly’s amenable, but only after Todd makes a promise to her. Todd is upended by Blair’s arrival at a room down the hall.  Blair requests to speak to Todd alone tonight after the opening. Todd and Blair go together to the party, as Starr’s proud parents. Starr and Michael come out as a couple to Todd, Blair, Carly, Kristina, and Trey. Will Todd go through with his plan for Blair? 

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Heather is released from police custody and calls upon an old acquaintance to do another job for her. Patrick and Emma visit Anna. Patrick doesn’t want to be at the Haunted Star opening and takes pills to cope. Carly and Johnny enjoy a night of sex and celebration while Kate has a disturbing memory when she tries to do the same with Sonny. Lulu tries to help Patrick who sees Robin.

Luke nearly convinces Heather’s minion to let him go on Monday, July 16.

Carly helps Todd only after he makes her a promise on Tuesday, July 17.

Lulu and Anna receive Heather’s forged letters from Luke on Wednesday, July 18.

Dante and Anna team up to find Luke on Thursday, July 19.

Luke’s attempt to rescue himself could turn deadly on Friday, July 20. Will Anna and Dante find out where Heather is keeping him in time?


A fire puts lives in jeopardy. Someone is shot. Dire circumstances bring Lulu and Dante closer. Can Ewen rekindle his relationship with Liz? Carly and Spinelli try to get Sam and Jason to work things out.

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