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'Revenge' Season 2 Poster Revealed



What will Emily Thorne do in season two? The official poster season poster may give us some clues. 

 What will Emily Thorne do in season two? The official poster season poster may give us some clues. 

Clad in a thorny (pun-intended) black dress, Emily Thorne stands dead center of the official poster for season two of Revenge. The tagline is simple, “her next move,” yet just enough to send chills down any viewers’ spines.

It’s similar to the image used to promote the first season. The main difference is that instead of standing forward facing, she’s showing us her back. A little innuendo of what’s to come, perhaps? Will Emily finally turn her back on everyone to get what she wants? Given that when we left the Hamptons in May, Emily had just learned her mother was alive, lost both the men in her life, and a plane carrying Victoria and company had exploded, Emily’s likely to be holding nothing back when the show returns on Sunday, September 30. 




What do you think the poster is telling us? Leave your speculations below! 

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