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General Hospital Previews: Week of September 3


The richest citizens of Port Charles gather together to meet Jerry’s demands, Patrick returns to the lab where Robin “died” for the first time and Kirsten Storms returns as Maxie next week on General Hospital.

 Jerry wants money for the antidote!

Todd gathers the wealthiest people in Port Charles at the Quatermaine mansion so they can ante up to pay what Jerry is asking in exchange for the antidote as more and more people fall ill from the poison. Since she is the only one who is not getting sick, Tracy goes to the hospital to see if doctors can use her to help find a cure.

Patrick is forced to go to the newly renovated lab for the first time since he lost Robin to try and synthesize and antidote with some help from Maxie.

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Jason saves Elizabeth and spends time with Sam

Ewen and Jason fight over Elizabeth and Jason and Elizabeth share a moment when she bandages his wound. Kate learns from Steve that Ewen kidnapped his sister and she starts to realize why the not-so-good doctor seemed so guilt ridden. Elizabeth and Patrick muse over what Ewen was trying to tell him about Robin.

Sam grows woozy as she gets sicker and Jason wonders how things may have been different for the two of them. Together, Jason and Sam imagine the possibilities if another choice had been made at a crucial moment in their lives as they prepare to die. Later, Jason looks at Sam’s medical records to see if something could have been done to save the baby.

Elsewhere in Port Charles

Jerry is nowhere to be found when the people are ready to cave to his demands. John is not happy that Todd is working his own plan and Dante calls Sonny for information. Sonny later shares a warm moment with Carly. Todd and Johnny fight over their secrets and someone overhears.

In honor of Labor Day, an encore of the July 23 episode where Anna saved Luke from the cabin fire will air on Monday, Sept. 3

Sonny prepares to tell Kate that Joe Jr. told him her son was alive on Tuesday, Sept. 4

Patrick and Maxie share a special moment when she helps him decipher notes Robin left behind on Wednesday, Sept. 5

Jason and Sam imagine how their lives could have been different on Thursday, Sept. 6

Someone is lurking as Alexis and Shawn reveal their feelings to each other on Friday, Sept. 7

Coming up the week of Sept. 10:

General Hospital moves to its new time 2:00 p.m. EST / 1:00 p.m. CST

Jason is determined to get the truth about the baby before it’s too late. Sonny and Jax are livid when Todd’s actions may have put everyone in more danger and Jerry has another trick up his sleeve. John McBain must make a life or death choice and Olivia has another hallucination that proves to be a premonition. Will his pending death prompt Johnny to confess his secrets to Carly? Shots are fired! Will lives be lost?

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