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Switched at Birth Fall Premiere Recap: Is there hope for Bay and Emmett? Who’s walking down the aisle?


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Tonight’s premiere was filled with emotionally charged moments, from Bay confronting Emmett to Regina making the ultimate sacrifice. It’s safe to say we’re in for one heck of a season! 

A month ago, I was begging September to get here for the return of my absolute favorite ABC Family show. Tonight’s premiere did not disappoint, adding new dimensions to last season’s cliffhangers that will undoubtedly drive the show for the rest of the season. Emmett’s apology and his confrontation with Bay alone were worth the wait – but more on that later! 

The premiere opened with Regina walking down the aisle to Angelo, causing every viewer to hold their breath – until it was revealed it was a dream. This dream spawned a serious examination of Regina’s current relationship, primarily that she’s with someone who sees a future with her, but not one with marriage. And Regina is very much the marrying type. 

Bay returned from the Galapagos with a smile and an adorable boy on her arm, who was practically perfect. Unfortunately, he wasn’t perfect enough and being home forced Bay to deal with the feelings she’d been ignoring. No doubt the letter Emmett had given Daphne to give Bay played a part in that. A forced smile and a cute boy only go so far when a girl is completely in love with her extremely sweet, but cheating ex-boyfriend. 

Although Emmett’s heartfelt apologies via the wall art and their confrontation made me forgive him. Excuse me while I fangirl for the next few sentences. Daphne passed on what she believed to be a letter to Bay, who threw it in a bin in her closet. Later, she finally opened it, revealing a map that led to a truly grand romantic gesture. How incredible was Emmett’s timeline documenting his entire relationship with Bay up to what he hoped would be an apology? And on a wall reminiscent of the graffiti art that was so much a part of their relationship? I have all the feels just thinking about it.  It was hands down my second favorite moment of the fall premiere, trumped only by Bay confronting Emmett about what happened. 

Emmett seemed to think Bay calling him meant she’d forgiven her, but instead it was so Bay could confront him about everything he did and how he ruined everything, how be broke her heart, their relationship, and scarred her future relationships. “We were bigger than my one mistake,” Emmett signed, tears in his eyes (that might have left tears in mine), but Bay still wasn’t having it. And I don’t blame her, but at the same time all I wanted was for her to jump into Emmett’s arms. While she understands that he’s sorry, she can’t forgive him. Words won’t change that he was with Simone, but Emmett promised to keep trying. 

Emmett really is just a stupid, teenage boy and he’s going to make mistakes. It’s part of growing up. Has he learned from cheating on Bay? Most definitely. Does that excuse it? No, but it doesn’t mean it’s not forgivable. The question is whether or not Bay can forgive him with time. 

Meanwhile, Daphne was dealing with struggles of her own. After a string of bad interviews that left Daphne feeling frustrated with her impairment, Katherine helped her get a job at a local restaurant. Her boss had no experience with a deaf person, which led him to lose his temper, yell at Daphne, and demote her to dishwasher. This story is going to be an interesting look at the deaf working in society, with the hearing, and the prejudices, disregard and difficulties they face. What I love is that the show manages to tell these stories without being preachy. They show the reality and juxtapose it with Daphne’s determination to make it and not be held back by her deafness. And in true form, instead of backing down, Daphne found ways to adapt, using a mirror to see people from coming behind, and her boss seemed impressed that she wasn’t giving up. I’d also lay money down that her boss’s attitude is a little more than just throwing his weight around. There are some major fireworks a brewing, guys! 

Meanwhile, Katherine’s book has been published and received glowing reviews. It’s changed her life, giving her a new identity where she’s more than a housewife and a mother. She has a book tour, interviews, and people who are interested in her and her life and not just what she’s doing around the house. This is bringing conflict into her marriage. Her husband is used to having his wife there to cook dinner, tend to the home, and all those 1950 ideas, and Katherine is shrugging those off in favor of a new career. And I love this so much. Katherine is happy and finally coming into herself. She deserves this, so I’m rooting for this to continue, the conflict it brings be damned.

Regina’s dream came full circle at the end of the premiere. The family was stressed about Angelo’s case, had written letters, and given testimony to the importance of having Angelo in Bay’s life. Unfortunately, the judge didn’t buy any of it and held his past crimes against him, which led to a gut-wrenching breakdown from Bay outside the courthouse. Proving that a mother will do anything for her child, making even the most difficult of sacrifices, Regina went back into the courthouse and promptly married Angelo. What’s going to happen when she tells her boyfriend she married Bay’s father?

So, this leaves us with all kinds of questions. Will Regina fight her feelings for Angelo? Will her boyfriend understand this situation and they enter into some complicated boyfriend, married to stay in the country husband, and Regina triangle? Will Emmett continue to fight for Bay’s forgiveness or will he eventually give up? Will Bay forgive him? How long before John and Katherine come to serious blows over her newfound career choice? Will Toby and Daphne get to find love now that they’ve lost Simone and Wilke? 

What were your thoughts on the premiere? Be sure to share them below! 

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