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General Hospital Previews: Week of September 10


When General Hospital appears in its new time slot Monday, September 10 at 2 PM, its citizens await their death as Sonny and Jax close in on Jerry and Jason tries to figure out the truth about Sam’s baby.

Can Sonny and Jax stop Jerry?

While working together, Sonny and Jax realize Jerry is going to disappear with Alexis. When they track him down, Jax attacks Jerry and they struggle over his gun. Jerry reveals the explosive contents of the case when he flings it outside and hurries to escape with Alexis. Unfortunately, Jax and Sonny are close behind him. When they get too close, Jerry holds a gun on his brother and reveals his true motivation for the virus he’s unleashed. A gunfight ensues when Sonny tries to save Jax and a gas line is sparked. Will they both make it out alive?

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Is there a future for Jason, Sam, and their baby?                             

After Sam is released from the hospital and says goodbye to Jason, she has a flashback of holding her baby. Meanwhile, Jason and Elizabeth work to uncover the truth about Sam’s baby. Jason tells Monica the baby that died may not have been Sam’s, who is busy telling Molly about the “what if” fantasies she shared with Jason. She admits they were just meaningless fantasies. Molly is unconvinced and asks Sam who she’d choose to have a future with: John or Jason. Jason tells Spinelli he doesn’t believe the baby Sam buried was actually hers. Later, Elizabeth surprises Jason and Sam witnesses something that will change her future. Will they finally uncover the truth about Sam and Jason’s child?

Photos: General Hospital Episodic Stills – Week of September 10, 2012

Shawn reveals a piece of paper stolen from Jerry on Monday, September 10.

Patrick stuns everyone in town on Tuesday, September 11.

Olivia has another premonition that turns out to be true on Wednesday, September 12.

Michael and Starr come back to Port Charles on Thursday, September 13.

Starr catches Trey and Joe Jr. on Friday, September 14.

Coming Up:

Tea makes a decision that could jeopardize her happiness. Connie reappears after a shocking situation occurs. Jason and Sam end up at the Chinese restaurant where they were married. Carly and Sam make decisions about their future. Anna returns to Llanview. Will she find who she’s looking for? 

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