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General Hospital Previews: Week of September 17



After recovering from the virus, everyone’s moving forward with their lives. Sonny Kate – and Connie – are planning a wedding. Patrick is going on a date. Dante and Lulu are trying for a baby. And Jason is more determined than ever to solve the mystery of Sam’s baby.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing   

Sonny and Kate forge ahead with wedding plans, unaware of the complications headed their way. First, Kate notices that Trey wears a medal identical to one she remembers Joe Jr. wearing. The memory brings Connie out of hiding, who realizes Trey is actually Kate’s son. What happens when Connie and Trey get into a confrontation? Later, Connie gets in touch with Johnny with a scathingly brilliant idea that must take place before Kate marries Sonny.

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Connie is annoyed when Sonny hires Maxie to be their wedding planner. While working together, Maxie is caught off-guard by “Kate’s” choices. Unbeknownst to everyone, Connie vows this will be an unforgettable wedding. She’s not the only one making that promise. Joe Jr. is also vowing to make their wedding quite memorable.

Patrick’s Moving On 

General’s Hospital’s newest nurse, Sabrina, sets her sights on Patrick, but he’s busy making plans with Dr. W. Later, when Patrick confirms his date plans with Dr. W, Sabrina has a fantasy about her crush. How will Sabrina get his attention? Thankfully, for her, Maxie is unavailable to babysit because she has to help with Kate’s wedding. When Patrick starts to cancel his date with Dr. W she suggests Sabrina step in for Maxie. Will his date with Dr. W fizzle and sparks fly with Sabrina?

Around Town

Sam signs her divorce papers. Tea hires a new nanny, unaware of Heather Webber’s true identity. Carly starts asking questions about the secret Jax overheard Johnny and Todd discussing. Jason and Spinelli inch closer to finding out the truth about Sam’s baby, but the one person who can help them goes missing. Sonny tells Michael he thinks he knows the identity of Trey’s father. Jason calls McBain and asks for help. Joe Jr. tries to convince Tracy of their connection. Spinelli begs Sam not to give up on Jason. Anna and McBain go to Llanview.

Sam is distraught after seeing Jason and Elizabeth kiss on Monday, September 17.

Olivia has another hallucination on Tuesday, September 18.

Steve interrupts Dante and Lulu with upsetting news on Wednesday, September 19.

Sam tells McBain about how she and Jason got married on Thursday, September 20.

Jason and Sam’s anniversary leads them to the Chinese restaurant where they married on Friday, September 21.

Coming Up:

A long awaited kiss finally takes place. Who’s locking lips? While one a date, Patrick runs into Mac. Jason learns the results of the DNA test. Maxie throws Kate a bachelorette party. Elizabeth makes a confession. Will Sam overhear it? 

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