General Hospital Sneaks: Week of September 24

Will Anna get the truth out of Todd? Jason comes closer to finding out the truth about Sam’s baby.


  • A long awaited kiss.
  • Connie takes precautions to ensure that Johnny does not double cross her.
  • What else is Joe Jr. hiding?
  • Will Anna be able to get the truth out of Todd?
  • Patrick runs into Mac while he is on a date.
  • Are Elizabeth’s actions what they seem?                
  • Carly has a warning for Elizabeth.
  • Shawn questions Alexis about her involvement with Jax.
  • Jason learns the results of the DNA test.                 
  • Maxie throws Kate a bachelorette party.
  • Will pre-wedding festivities prevent Sonny from confronting Trey?
  • Can Tracy resist Joe Jr?
  • Johnny has a life-changing question for Carly.
  • Will Sam overhear Elizabeth’s confession?
  • Will Connie reveal her mysterious plan?