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'Dexter' Season 7 Preview: 2 minute sneak peek


We have one more week to prepare for Season 7’s premiere of Dexter, which will happen Sunday, Sept. 30 at 9:00 p.m. EST on Showtime. And what better way to do that than to marathon the whole sixth season?

 Since not everyone has the time to do that, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Dexter was caught in the Doomsday killer case. He went from not having any beliefs to struggling with them and reaching the conclusion there is a purpose to his Dark Passenger after all.
  • Thanks so some Miami Metro politics (blah, blah, blah), Deb was promoted to Lieutenant and started seeing a therapist so she could deal with all her crazy, psycho exes.
  • Said therapist talked Deb into believing she is in love with Dexter after several sessions where she talked about nothing but Dex.
  • On a side plot, Harrison’s nanny seems to have a shady boyfriend: Louis Green, Masuka’s lab intern, was in the sidelines the whole season (something he points out to Dexter, saying he wanted to do something more with his life), giving Miami Metro information on the Doomsday killer and trying to worm his way up to Dex with a serial killer videogame of his creation. He was last seen mailing a prosthetic hand that belonged to the Ice Truck killer that arrived on Dexter’s doorstep, after drawing palm chart lines on it. Could this be the set up for Season 7’s main villain? Could he know more about Dexter than he’s letting on?
  • After a lot of struggle trying to find Travis and finally getting him on his table, Dexter finally managed to kill him. But it was just in time for Deb to walk right into the church where this is taking place and see her brother in the act. The season ends with them seeing each other and Dexter saying, “Oh, God”. Fitting, really, considering the theme for Season 6.

Sounds like Dexter will have his hands full this season again. And it won’t be the last either, since Showtime has already announced a two season pick-up for the show. The president for Showtime, David Nevins, seems enthusiastic about things to come and said, “The series is bigger than it’s ever been in its sixth season… Together with Michael, the creative team on the show has a very clear sense of where they intend to take the show over the next two seasons and, as a huge fan, I’m excited to watch the story of Dexter Morgan play out.”

 So what do you think will be happening come September 30th? Can’t wait to find out more? Showtime was kind enough to release the first two minutes of Season 7:


Excited yet?

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