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The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere Recap: "I Fought The Law"


I admit that after an extremely disappointing third season, I had absolutely no desire to watch The Good Wife on Sunday night. Amidst the reports of countless recurring guest stars, I searched for any little smidgen of hope that something would make me actually want to watch this season. Alas, it never appeared. However, being the ever loyal fan that I am, I still tuned in. As I type this, I continue to ask myself why.

The episode starts out with Kalinda in her dark apartment, beating the crap out of some guy. I honestly thought my recording started late and had to ask my friend if that really was the way the show started. I totally thought I was missing something. Anyway, she has the guy on the floor when his phone rings. She takes it out of his pocket and answers. We don’t know who it is she’s talking to, but judging by “I’ve moved on. You should, too.” I think it’s safe to say it’s her mysterious husband. Later in the episode, Cary and Alicia meet with a new client, who turns out to be Kalinda’s husband, Nick. They actually engage in a physical fight and then we next see them after they’ve had sex. (What?) She then pulls a gun on him and tells him to leave. I will admit that I’m a little intrigued by their relationship but, I have to ask, couldn’t they have found someone hotter to play him?

Cut to Alicia and her kids being pulled over by cops in Madison County as they’re driving home from looking at colleges. Officer Robb talks to Zach alone and then asks Alicia if he can have his K9 sniff out the car. Alicia allows him but thinks they’re a victim of profiling and calls Cary to see if he can help her out by getting the dashboard camera footage from Officer Robb’s vehicle. The officer then informs her that he has to search the car for drugs. As he’s giving them a ticket, he notices that Zack is recording him. He gets upset and tells him to delete it, stating that it is against the law to record an officer. Instead of deleting it, Zack emails it to himself and Officer Robb arrests him.

Meanwhile, Diane and Will are trying to save the firm by avoiding liquidation. They present their plan to do so in court and the judge approves it, but there’s a catch. He also assigns a trustee to oversee all of their decisions. That brings us to guest star number one; Nathan Lane as said trustee, Clarke. After discussing the office furniture, the paintings on the wall and every other expense the firm may have, Clarke informs Will and Diane that he will be meeting with them separately to discuss staffing reductions.

Eli has set up an interview for Alicia to have with a reporter named Peggy. That brings us guest star number two; Kristen Chenoweth. Peggy questions her about her relationship with Peter and asks why she hasn’t divorced him. Alicia gives her very little information in return and also kindly informs her that it is none of her business. By the way, thanks to Peggy and her clip of Peter’s opponent, we see guest star number three; Matthew Perry. At a later point in time, Alicia finds Will in her office. *cue my melting heart* He asks her if she had an interview with a reporter and if there was anything said that he should know about. Turns out Peggy has requested to speak with Will about Alicia. (What?)

Cary comes through for Alicia and gets her the footage from Officer Robb’s dashboard camera. After watching, she asks Kalinda if she can speak with her friend who is a K9 trainer. Meanwhile, Zack researches the law regarding his recording of the cop and finds out that he is allowed to record video but not audio. Being that his Bluetooth was still on, he only recorded video of the cop but his music was still playing. Therefore, the audio of the recording is Zack’s music, not Officer Robb. In court Alicia asks the judge to enter a finding of no probable cause. In walks a new ASA with a new charge against Zack: obstruction of justice. Alicia argues that the officer is guilty of obstructing justice with his illegal traffic stop. The judge asks Alicia if she had evidence to prove it and she stated that she would be able to gather it together for him. After, Alicia confronts the states attorney, Phil, with the accusation that he is out to embarrass Peter by using their son.

Alicia decides to inform Peter of the situation with Zach and he becomes infuriated. She tells him not to do anything because she is handling it. Peter, being the idiot he is, doesn’t listen and calls the Madison County state’s attorney to threaten him and tells him to drop the case against Zach. Alicia discovers a forfeiture corridor in Madison County and brings it up in court. When State’s Attorney Phil realizes she’s figured out what they’re doing, he tells Peter that he is going after Zach to the fullest extent of the law. In turn, Zach makes a video outing Officer Robb as the dirty cop he is and he then receives a call from the officer apologizing and informing him that they are dropping the charges. (What?)

That brings us to the end of the episode. Will and Diane celebrate the end of his suspension with a glass of champagne. We then see Alicia walking to his office with a bottle of champagne in her hand. When she sees them in his office, she puts the bottle down and leaves. And with that, the season starts off with a lackluster premiere that ends with the writers screwing with the hearts of Alicia and Will fans. Stellar job, guys. Stellar. Definitely succeeded in getting me fired up for the new season. Only not at all, actually. To top it all off, the promo for next episode had nothing in it that made me want to tune in. But, it DID have more guest stars. I’m sure I don’t seem like a fan after this, but I am. I just need this show to get back to the awesome that it was. Until next week…

Chrissie Ortiz
Chrissie Ortiz is a one of TVSource Magazine’s most passionate columnists. As you can see by some of her favorite shows, she’s a pretty loyal viewer. She’ll usually stick it out no matter how bad it gets. Not one to assign herself to one genre, she looks for series that can pass her litmus test — holding her attention. Follow her on Twitter at @SourceChrissie.

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