Days of our Lives Sneaks: Week of October 8

Nicole capitalizes on an accident to get rid of an enemy. Will EJ convince Sami that Rafe is lying?


Nicole struggles to cope with the devastating loss of her child alone. Tempted to tell Rafe, her moment is ruined when Sami appears. Knowing the loss of her child would mean the end of her relationship with Daniel, she goes to great lengths to keep her secret from everyone. An unfortunate situation with Jennifer provides Nicole with just the out she needs.

Daniel is committed to starting a new life with Nicole, and tells Jennifer he is resigning from his position at the hospital.

Bo and Hope discuss what he wants to do with his life, unaware of the health crisis that’s about to befall the Brady family.

Do you trust the devil you know or the devil you don’t? That’s the question for Nick as he’s offered a unique opportunity by Kate.

If EJ is a liar, what does that make Rafe? Not one to just take Sami’s verbal abuse, EJ once again tells Sami that Rafe is not being honest with her about his child. How much longer will Sami ignore EJ’s warnings?

John & Marlena grow closer completely oblivious to the threat from their past that is returning to Salem! It’s the return of Kristen Blake DiMera!


Monday – Daniel tells Jennifer he is resigning from his position at the hospital.

Thursday – Nicole takes a fall.


A talk with Brady has Daniel reeling. Sami is hurt when she learns the truth.