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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Renewed for Fourth Season



ABC Family has renewed its most popular series for 24 more episodes!

Given the popularity of the show, it should come as no surprise that ABC Family has renewed Pretty Little Liars for a fourth season. The show continues to be ABC Family’s top series of all time, even ranking as the No. 1 series of the summer in key demographics for women 18-24, female teens, viewers 12-34 and females 12-34. Basically, it’s rocking the ratings.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s become a dominator of social media, trending on Twitter weekly. The summer finale that aired on Aug. 28 caused viewers to send more than 709,000 140 character OMG tweets about the show. That’s about 36,000 tweets for minute! Combined with the show’s all day marathon they garnered well over a million tweets, making it the #1 “most social” TV series in history with over 1.6 million comments. Wow

Network president, Michael Riley, announced the renewal earlier today, confirming the fourth season will have 24 episodes and begin airing in mid-2013. Viewers won’t have to wait that long for the show to return. The second arc of season three begins in January.

Don’t fret if that’s still too far away. Pretty Little Liars will have its second Halloween Special on Tuesday, October 23 at 8PM. The show will air as part of ABC Family’s annual “13 Nights of Halloween.” The episode titled “This Is a Dark Ride” follows Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer as they prepare for some good old tricks and treats now that Nate is in their past. Once aboard the Rosewood Ghost Train, the girls realize they are in for more tricks than treats. “A” is running wild this Halloween and it’ll be a party unlike any other. Adam Lambert is the musical guest star and will perform songs from his latest album “Trespassing.”

In the meantime, ABC Family has been airing a web series called Pretty Dirty Secrets, featuring several of the supporting cast members. The webisode series has been a huge hit, exceeding half a million views in the first 24 hours, and has easily because the most successful short-form video series the network’s ever done. 

In short, it’s safe to say our favorite little liars will be sticking around for some time to come. Are you excited for the Halloween special? What about the renewal? Don’t forget to sound off in the comments below! 

Amber Cunigan
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