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General Hospital Previews: Week of October 8


Kirsten Storms

Sam learns her baby is alive, Anna comes face to face with Duke, and Maxie fesses up about her feelings for Spinelli next week on General Hospital!

It’s raining men… in Anna’s apartment!

A frazzled Anna finds Duke Lavery in her suite while Luke tells Lulu about their trip to Switzerland. He fills Lulu in on how they were chasing a false tip about Robin being alive from Heather. Luke has made good on his promise and tracked down Robert and rushes to tell Anna… who has just found Duke on her doorstep. Anna is stunned to see her formerly “dead” husband, but Luke is surprised and suspicious of Duke showing up like this. Naturally, the two vie for Anna’s attention… and getting her alone for a conversation. This leads to some serious sparring from the men in Anna’s life. Who will win?

Can Sam and Jason save her baby from Heather?

Sam pushes Spinelli to tell her what Jason is keeping from her, eventually realizing it has something to do with her baby. Meanwhile, Jason tells Steve that he thinks Heather switched the babies and has now disappeared with Tea’s baby. At Steve’s urging, Jason tells Sam her baby is alive.

Heather goes to her son and tries to explain why she switched the babies, promising to be a good mother to the baby she’s kidnapped. Sam is horrified when she learns Heather has taken her baby, and she and Jason rush to the hospital in hopes of finding her. Unfortunately, she’s already taken out and is hiding at a motel where she realizes she’s doesn’t have the baby’s medication needed for its condition.

Sam is distraught over her missing child and eventually she and Jason find Heather on the roof of the hospital. Believing neither of them deserves the baby, Heather makes a drastic decision. Will the baby be okay?

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Is it too late for Maxie to have a chance?

Maxie shows up at General Hospital to check out Ellie. When Spinelli arrives to take Ellie out, he’s not exactly happy to see she’s making friends with Maxie. Upset, Maxie confides in Lulu about how she really feels for Spinelli, mostly that she’s afraid Spinelli will move on with Ellie before knowing how Maxie really feels. On their date, Ellie fills in Spinelli in on what she and Maxie talked about.

Todd comforts Carly after breakdowns from news of Johnny’s marriage to Connie on Monday, October 8.

Dante and Lulu make an attempt to get pregnant on Tuesday, October 9.

John confronts Todd about his involvement in Sam’s baby switch on Wednesday, October 10.

Olivia’s hallucinates about Heather on Thursday, October 11.

Tracey reveals she had a relationship with Duke on Friday, October 12.

Coming Up: Thanks to Heather, Sam’s baby is placed in life-threatening danger. Patrick confronts Anna about what she knows. Lulu and Dante wait to see if their hopes for a baby are dashed again. Duke sweeps Anna off her feet. 

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