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'Hart of Dixie' Recap: "Always on My Mind"


Hart of Dixie” delivered another solid episode this week with, “Always on My Mind.” Picking up where the last episode left off, Zoe woke up in Wade’s bed, swearing that it was the last time, Lemon was trying her hand at waitressing at the Rammer Jammer and George was attempting to get back into the dating pool while Lavon did his best to figure out why Ruby was sticking around Bluebell. But would anyone succeed with their plans?

In a hilarious opening scene, Wade taunted Zoe about how she couldn’t stay away from him while she tried to find her pants. When she couldn’t, she went home without them, only to find Rose waiting for her. Zoe stammered about a new exercise that involved running in heels while pants-less. Rose was confused and Zoe did her best to keep her from seeing Wade, standing on his porch, waving her pants. The teenager had her own problems. Rose was worried about her carefully constructed reputation as “Indie Rock Girl” and she wanted to find a way to keep her cred. Zoe promised to do what she could to help.

Magnolia was horrified that Lemon was actually working as a waitress and that she had to lie to her friends about it. She begged Brick to give her money and make her stop, but Brick insisted that he was staying out of it. Magnolia stormed off and Brick tried to convince Lemon to come work for him as a receptionist instead of sticking with the waitressing job. But Lemon pointed out that working for her daddy was barely a step above him taking care of her and she was determined to do things on her own. At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon proved to be a terrible waitress and Wally told Wade to fire her, but Wade refused, admitting that he was afraid of Lemon.

George showed up and he and Wade eyed each other, making snide remarks about how the last time they’d seen each other, they’d had their fists in each other’s faces. But then they were both over it and sat down to talk about George’s love life and how he needed to get back out there. George explained that he wasn’t the type to have a one night stand and Wade offered to be his wingman that night since there was a professional women’s volleyball team passing through town. George was concerned about Lemon’s reaction, but Wade pointed out that she had the night off and would never have to know.

Rose went to Lavon and Zoe and told them she wanted to host a Bluebellpoloza concert, but she was having trouble getting the bands to participate. Zoe tried to get her mother to help, but when that didn’t go anywhere, Rose wanted to contact a former singer who was from Bluebell. Lavon pointed out that Wade knew her and Rose begged Zoe to talk to him. Zoe balked and suggested Lavon do it and Lavon asked if she was worried she would have sex with Wade if they had a conversation. Rose realized that was where Zoe’s pants had gone and begged her friend for help, reminding her that she didn’t want to have to eat by the dumpster alone. Zoe agreed and went to talk to Wade. He was shirtless when she arrived and assumed she was there to have sex with him, but Zoe told him that she needed his help and Wade reluctantly agreed, even as Zoe shouted that he needed to put on a shirt before their road trip.

Lemon showed up at Brick’s office and he was busy with a patient so he asked her to answer the phone when it rang. She did and then noticed a discrepancy in his schedule and he thanked her for catching the error. Lemon realized that he was playing her and told him that she really wanted to make it on her own. Then she pointed out that she knew Brick was seeing Emily and suggested the two come to dinner at the Rammer Jammer and she would wait on them and show Brick how good she was at her job. He agreed, but when Lemon got to work, Wally attempted to fire her. She refused, even offering to pay him to let her work there so she could impress her father.

Wade canceled on George so he could help Zoe and Rose, but he gave him pointers over the phone. George did his best to avoid Lemon while he chatted up a girl at the bar, awkwardly telling her that he was a lawyer. But that seemed to work for awhile. However, when he needed Wade’s guidance again, Zoe was in the car with Wade and confused as to what George needed help with. Wade tried to play it off, but Rose picked up on the fact that George was attempting to have a one night stand. Zoe didn’t think that was a good idea because she said George’s heart needed to heal and Wade wasn’t happy that she cared so much about whether or not George was going to have sex.

At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon served Brick and Emily dinner, but she mixed up the plates and accidentally gave Emily the one with the seafood, which she was allergic to. Brick had to rush her out so he could treat her before her throat closed up and poor Lemon was left, looking dejected. Even though he was doing well with the girl he was trying to pick up, George excused himself and went to make sure Lemon was okay. She appreciated his help, but warned him that she still hated him for what he did to her. George said he hoped to make it up to her someday and Lemon suggested he start by bussing tables. The girl he’d been hitting on assumed he was a busboy and left with her friends.

It turned out the indie singer has some issues with Wade and she played some angry songs that she wrote about him while he rolled his eyes. Zoe explained that they needed her help, but she wasn’t interested. However, when she learned Zoe was a doctor, she had some questions for her. Wade pointed out that in addition to being crazy, she was a hypochondriac. George texted Wade to tell him that the date was a bust and when Wade saw how relieved Zoe was, he agreed to apologize to his ex. Once he did, she was suddenly onboard for coming back to Bluebell and staying with Wade, which Zoe was not okay with as she dragged him out.

Lavon was spending time with Ruby, even though he still didn’t trust her reasons for being back in town. After her grandfather threatened to run against him for mayor, Lavon opened up to his former girlfriend about how things were when he first got back to town after playing football and how one person suggested he be mayor and then another and soon everyone was telling him that he should be mayor and then it just became his identity. Ruby told him that she wanted to be friends and put the past behind them, but then she blindsided Lavon when she decided that she was going to run against him for mayor (I knew I didn’t like her).

Magnolia took the stage at the town concert the next day (Claudia Lee performed her song, “Take My Hand”). Wade told Zoe that she won their bet and he didn’t want to have sex with her anymore. The singer approached Zoe for more medical advice and Zoe hinted that she might have nerve damage, but quickly tried to play it off like she was telling her that she was nervous. Zoe suggested she see a specialist and she took her advice, heading straight to Mobile. Wade pointed out that the band no longer had a singer and Rose was going to be forced to eat alone, thanks to Zoe. Feeling guilty, Zoe searched the crowd for a singer and found George. She convinced him to sing with Wade’s band (Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel both sang and Bethel played the guitar and it was flawless).

While the band performed, Lavon got Zoe to admit that she sent the singer away on purpose because she didn’t want her near Wade. Lavon tried to get Zoe to just admit that she had feelings for Wade, but all she’d acknowledge was that she didn’t want him with anyone else and she didn’t want George with anyone else either. Later, she watched them each flirting with women after the show and she didn’t look amused. Rose thanked her for everything and said she couldn’t wait to be a grownup and as Zoe looked back and forth between the two men again, she told Rose that, “Even grown up, we’re all 15 at heart.”

Season 2 is off to a good start so far. Even though I’m not a fan of the Wade/Zoe/George triangle, I do like that the guys are still friends and that Zoe is finally starting to realize that she has feelings for Wade too. It was a little predictable (and annoying) that Ruby is running against Lavon, but I think Bluebell could have a lot of fun with a mayoral race. For me, the best part of the episode was Lemon. Jaime King nails her one-liners and her expressions are so good, whether she’s being sarcastic or doing her best not to crumble.

Until next week, I’ll leave you with some shirtless Wade to brighten your evening (You’re welcome).


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