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'Ruby Skye PI: The Haunted Library' Season 2 Premiere Recap


The second season premiere of “Ruby Skye P.I.” opens in the middle of a séance in a library. It’s not exactly what one would expect from a mystery series aimed at tweens, but the show keeps it lighthearted from the beginning with Ruby describing to the audience how she gets into such sticky situations.

Titular character Ruby is a sleuth who, in season 1, cracked the case of who was sending out scam letters. Not much has changed beyond the actress’s age, though we do hear from her sister that Ruby isn’t doing the best in school. Must spend too much time solving cases instead of doing homework. She does, however, get her flirt on with a cute guy at the library.

The owner of the library, Mrs. Ava O’Deary, is a wacky old lady in a motorized wheelchair who seems to run into anything she can. She’s also constantly being aided by a rather flustered librarian, Ophelia Bedelia, who is easily spooked.

Ruby’s sister, Hailey, is a constant activist and straight A student who is constantly annoyed by Ruby’s antics, which is actually the cause of why they are at the library. Ruby’s grades were so low the laptop Ruby and her sister share was taken away by their parents.

Ophelia is convinced the library is haunted, because of items that go missing and strange noises at night. Ruby overhears this and uses it to get her sleuth on. She decides to stay late and join in on the séance.

There’s also a scene with Ruby and her nemesis Diana Naughton, where they trade barbs and dirty looks. It’s funny and fleshes out characters, but doesn’t advance the plot.

Not much happens in the first episode, but it sets up what looks to be a fun little adventure.

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