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General Hospital Previews: Week of October 15


Next week, Patrick confronts Anna about Robin being alive, Duke makes a move, Sam is finally reunited with her baby, Todd faces his actions, and Sonny struggles with how to get Kate back.


Over dinner, Luke talks to Tracy about Duke, expressing his concern that Duke may still be a gangster. Duke reveals his plan. Anna is upset when Duke suddenly disappears. Luke believes Anna is better off and tells her just that. Meanwhile, Duke makes a serious threat.

Later, he plans to rekindle his and Anna’s romance on the date of their wedding anniversary. While he makes plans, Luke visits Lulu and discusses his relationship with Anna. This leads to him deciding that Duke must prove himself. Unbeknownst to Luke, Duke has drawn Anna into a passionate kiss. Will Duke sweep Anna off her feet?

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Heather jumps over the roof of the hospital. By the time McBain and Dante reach the roof they find the baby safe with Sam and Jason. Close behind, Tea arrives and sees Jason and Sam with Victor. Sam is surprised when she – and Jason! – bond so easily with the baby, leading to another “what if” conversation. Happily reunited, Sam finally chooses a name for her baby – Daniel. 

Word spreads throughout Port Charles that Sam’s baby is alive. Alexis, Molly, and Kristina enjoy the news with one another. Monica asks Jason if this means he and Sam will reunite, but he says the decision is Sam’s. Jason makes a heartfelt pitch to Sam. At the end of the week, Jason and Sam get a surprise.


Todd and McBain try to help Tea deal with losing her baby. Patrick confronts Anna with what Sabrina overheard about Robin being alive. Alexis tells Sonny another relative may be able to get Connie committed. Joe Jr. pulls a gun on someone. Carly confronts Todd about what happened with Sam’s baby. Trey tells Starr that Sonny and Alexis are pressuring him to annul his marriage to Kristina. Sonny is warned not to do anything stupid to try and get Kate back. Carly returns a sentimental gift to Johnny and tests his relationship with Connie by kissing him. Will it work?

Elizabeth is relieved to see Sam reunited with her baby on Monday, October 15.

Connie settles into life as Mrs. Zacchara on Tuesday, October 16.

Tea confronts Todd about what happened to her baby on Wednesday, October 17.

Starr confronts Todd about the baby switch on Thursday, October 18.

Lulu she gets an exam when she learns she’s still not pregnant and shares the results with Dante on Friday, October 19.


Something happens on the docks that will change lives in Port Charles forever. Four play a game of strip pool. Connie makes a very shocking move. Lulu listens to her father’s plan to expose Duke as an imposter. Jason makes a choice that elicits a strong reaction from Patrick. 

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