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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of October 15


Rafe and Nicole’s deceit it finally exposed and EJ’s on the warpath. How will Sami react when she learns the truth? Kristen DiMera has plans for Salem…and they involve some old friends.


Rafe and Sami are close to making love when Rafe is called to the hospital. Under the impression Nicole is giving birth, Rafe takes off, leaving behind a frustrated Sami. Rafe learns about Nicole’s loss from Daniel and privately grieves with her. Meanwhile a slightly drunken EJ has a confrontation with Sami. He deduces Rafe is at the hospital with Nicole and takes off. EJ arrives just in time to overhear the truth – he is the father of Nicole’s child!

EJ sneaks out unnoticed and arranges for a DNA test to be scheduled. Soon after EJ’s world comes crashing down when a nurse accidentally reveals the baby died. After Rafe leaves, EJ enters Nicole’s room, secretly recording their conversation. Surprisingly EJ is kind to her as they bond over the loss. While EJ is working a sedated Nicole, Rafe returns home and tells Sami about what happened. At the hospital, Nicole opens up a bit when EJ promises to make Jennifer pay. He appeals to Nicole to tell him the truth. With nothing else to lose (or gain) by keeping this secret, Nicole admits the truth to EJ. With proof of Nicole and Rafe’s deception, EJ races to confront Rafe.

Rafe stops himself him making love to Sami, feeling the guilt of his lies. Sami reconfirms her belief in Rafe and they prepare to try again, only for EJ to interrupt. Sami stands by Rafe as EJ confronts him about his lies…until EJ drops the bombshell of the recording. Rafe finally comes clean and defiantly admits he’d do it again! Proud of himself for exposing Rafe, EJ takes off. Sami is disappointed and heartbroken by Rafe’s actions and lays into him for his deceit. Though Rafe believes they can get past this, Sami feels otherwise and takes off. It looks like Rafe didn’t love Sami more than he hated EJ after all.

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John is hit with memories of Kristen while discussing his past adventures with Will and Sonny. Stefano finally convinces Kristen to return to Salem, but they agree she should go alone. Later as Kristen’s jet arrives in Salem, John is rocked with nightmares of his torturous past with Kristen. As John’s mind continues to play tricks on him, he can’t understand why he can’t stop thinking about Kristen. Marlena senses something is wrong, but John covers.

Elsewhere, EJ returns to his office after his confrontation to find Kristen! At first he thinks she’s his mother but realizes who it is. She explains why she’s there but EJ rejects her presence. Kristen leaves after EJ declares he doesn’t need anyone; EJ is left alone to grieve the loss of his child. Kristen knows he needs her even if he won’t admit it.  Later, Kristen updates Stefano and spots John and Marlena together. What happens when Marlena and Kristen come face to face?


Daniel is reeling from what Brady told him about Jennifer. Stefano takes steps to repair his fractured family. Bo, Kayla and Roman rally around their mother. Nick is taken aback to learn Will is gay. John wakes to find a woman in his bed. Will and Gabi contemplate their recent tryst. Caroline reluctantly admits to Roman she may have Alzheimer’s. Victor and Caroline reminisce about the past. Maggie and Hope witness a very emotional, tender moment between Victor and Bo. Daniel realizes the repercussions of his actions are potentially career ending after Nicole tells him she came clean with EJ. Bo decides he should be the one to care for Caroline.


Sami confides in Lucas about Rafe. Kristen offers to help EJ get what he wants.

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