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Web Series: Ruby Skye PI Recap: "Ava's Last Puzzle"


Episode 2 of the second season of Ruby Skye PI opens with the library chucking books at the people in the séance, hitting the medium and Ophelia both right in the head. Ruby, our intrepid gumshoe, is the only one smart enough to duck.

She takes off running, but doesn’t find anything other than some books lying on the floor. When she comes back, the medium is hiding under the table, clasping Mrs. O’Deary’s favourite coffee mug and talking about finding a will.

The next day, Ruby drops invisible powder on the floor detectable only by a black light before running into the cute boy from the previous episode.  They trade idle banter before Ruby overhears someone crying, though it sounds more like a Chihuahua whimpering. It turns out to be Ophelia, who is grieving because Mrs. O’Deary died the night before during the séance.

The O’Deary family all gathers at the library for the reading of the will after a cute product placement segment. Ava’s lawyer is a spineless twerp who is constantly heckled by Vivian O’Shite, whose relation to Ava is uncertain but is probably a granddaughter.

Then it’s revealed Ava didn’t leave her lawyer a will, and everything goes to Vivian. Vivian plans to close down the library and build a condominium building in its place. The episode ends with Ruby confused as to why someone as controlling as Mrs. O’Deary wouldn’t have a will.

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