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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of October 22


Kristen reveals her presence to John and Marlena! Will John and Marlena believe her when she says she’s a changed woman? Also: Kristen’s plan to help EJ begins to take form; Sami confides in Lucas.

Kristen reveals her presence to John and Marlena! Will John and Marlena believe her when she says she’s a changed woman? Also: Kristen’s plan to help EJ begins to take form; Sami confides in Lucas.


Marlena is stunned to see Kristen back in Salem! Kristen reveals she wants to make amends for her past but is rejected by Marlena. After Kristen leaves, Marlena tries to warn John but can’t find her phone and suspects Kristen stole it. Meanwhile, John prepares to meet Marlena and is shocked when Kristen appears. She reiterates she has no intention of causing anyone any harm, just to make amends. Kristen attempts to remind John of the person she was when they first met; admitting the loss of their child is what drove her to such extremes, she takes responsibility for her actions. John isn’t sure how to take Kristen’s repentance. Marlena finally arrives and accuses Kristen of stealing her phone so she couldn’t warn John. Her accusations turn out to be false as Marlena left her phone at the office. Kristen leaves vindicated.

Later, Kristen visits EJ and lets him know she’s aware of what he’s been up to, including his desire to win back Sami. Kristen figures out his plan and tells EJ he’ll have to do more if he intends to succeed and offers her assistance. Kristen heads to Sami’s and makes it clear her opinion of Sami hasn’t changed over the years. She drops a bombshell on Sami and announces she is now her boss, though if Sami wants to quit that’s always an option.  Later Sami is forced to go to EJ for his approval regarding a business matter Sami failed to take care of. EJ is surprised when Sami shows up as Kristen promised! While impressed with Kristen’s resourcefulness, he doubts she’ll be able to successfully help him reunite with her. Is that a challenge Elvis?


Sami confides in Lucas about her problems with Rafe. Sami admits she’s furious Rafe thought it more important to keep Nicole’s secret than be honest with her. Lucas calls Sami on her hypocrisy and says she’s holding Rafe to an impossible standard. Is Lucas right? Later, Sami has a tense run in with Rafe. Just when it looks like Rafe could be making inroads, an appearance from Gabi just reminds Sami of his lies and she leaves.


Jennifer is hurt when she realizes Brady believes she pushed Nicole down the stairs. Caroline bristles at the idea of a caretaker. Jennifer is at the mercy of Nicole, who doubles down on her accusations. Can a heart-to-heart with Daniel change her mind?  Daniel offers to take Nicole away to start a new life. Will and Sonny reunite with T, and later play a joke on Kate when they announce they’re getting married. EJ stuns Daniel and Rafe when he reveals he won’t pursue legal action against them. Hope stands by Jennifer. Stefano is amused when EJ calls him to complain about Kristen, hopeful at the possibility of a reunion with his son. Kayla announces she can get Caroline into a great program for Alzheimer’s treatment…but there’s a caveat.

Chad comforts EJ over his loss, but still doesn’t trust him. Kristen reaches out to Chad. Bo volunteers to go with Caroline and with Hope’s support, convinces Caroline this treatment would be beneficial. Sami shares an emotional goodbye with Caroline. Bo says goodbye to Abe. Nick hides his uneasiness with Will and Sonny’s sexuality. Brady has a warning for Kristen. John keeps his second run-in with Kristen from Marlena.


John presses Bo about the “real” reason he’s leaving. Lucas walks in on Will and Sonny.

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