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General Hospital Previews: Week of October 22


Joe Jr. runs free, Lulu and Maxie are faced with life problems, Luke tries to expose Duke, and Todd struggles with how to tell Sam the truth about everything next week on General Hospital

Girl Problems 

Lulu tells Dante that she cannot have children, leading to a dramatic breakdown. Dante comforts his wife, who’s heartbroken that their family dreams are over. Later, Dante is called away and Maxie stops by to visit. Lulu breaks the news to Maxie, who reminds her possibilities of a baby aren’t over. Instead of thinking about adoption or surrogacy, Lulu wants to go for a drink, which leads them to the Floating Rib. Spinelli and Ellie just happen to be there on a date. While Maxie frets over seeing Spinelli with another woman, Lulu contemplates her options. Later, the two friends lean on one another and give advice for how to work through their respective problems.

Joe Jr. on the Loose  

Sonny, Trey, Michael, and Starr discover Joe Jr. is running on the loose after threatening Starr. When Sonny goes after him, Trey and Michael follow out of fear for their fathers. A local news report confirms that Joe Jr. is at large. Meanwhile, Monica and Tracy discuss Joe Jr., who suddenly shows up.

Around Town

Duke tells Anna that it’s her decision whether or not to check his fingerprints. Shawn, Felicia, Mac, and Alexis finish their game of strip pool. Monica makes a mysterious phone call. Todd has to deal with Connie’s demand for a job as an editor at Crimson. Anna discovers torn fibers from a jacket. Sonny considers the possibility that Kate is really gone forever. Todd hires Diane as his lawyer and reveals the whole truth about Sam’s baby.

Sam tells John they will always have a connection, but she back together with Jason. on Monday, October 22.

Starr and Michael take care of Daniel on Tuesday, October 23.

Sonny delivers news about Jason to Carly on Wednesday, October 24.

Luke has a plan to expose Duke on Thursday, October 25.

Tracy and Monica have an ugly fight on Friday October 26.

Coming Up: Carly defends Todd to Sam. Olivia has a hallucination about Heather. Sam finds a reason to celebrate. A town Halloween party is thrown at the Haunted Star. Carly and Todd grow even closer. Will they make love?

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