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Days of our Lives Sneaks: Week of October 29


This week on Days of our Lives, the Brady family share heartfelt goodbyes with Bo and Caroline as they prepare to leave Salem. Also: Will and Sonny get into a major fight.


Lucas interrupts an intimate moment between Will and Sonny, and later has a heated clash with Sonny. Will’s fight with Lucas ends up causing a fight with Sonny. It looks like Will may be more like his mother than he thought…

John is suspicious of the “real” reason Bo is leaving Salem. Does Bo’s desire to bring down the DiMeras play more into his decision to leave than just helping Caroline?

For months, Daniel’s been torn between the obligation he feels towards Nicole and his true feelings for Jennifer. Look for the doctor to declare his love for Jennifer, even though he’s still making plans to leave with Nicole. But will those plans change when Daniel discovers Nicole’s shocking secret?

Kristen delivers a message to Kate from her father, and later re-confirms her loyalty to EJ. What is Kristen up to?

Rafe isn’t ready to give up on Sami, and makes yet another overture towards repairing their damaged relationship. Will Caroline’s wish for a reunion come true?

EJ surprises Sami with his uncharacteristic behavior. Later, EJ is a comforting shoulder for Sami. Will she let her guard down?


Nicole puts herself and the lives of others in danger. Marlena worries about her relationship with John and her children.


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