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'Nashville' Recap: "Someday You'll Call My Name"


How good was “Nashville” this week? The ABC drama seems to get better and better and this week brought some interesting moments in the various family dynamics as well as some shifts in the romantic relationships. “Someday You’ll Call My Name” might have been the best episode yet so let’s get into all the awesomeness, shall we?

The Rayna/Deacon/Juliette triangle heated up.

Rayna and Juliette were still battling for whose tour Deacon would end up joining. Even though he seemed pretty committed to working with Rayna, it wasn’t too hard for Juliette to catch his eye. She wasn’t happy that he chose to sing with Rayna instead of her last week and while the two were in bed, Juliette gave him a rare glimpse into her vulnerable side when she admitted that her feelings were hurt and she’d always wanted to sing at the Bluebird. Deacon seemed to be wavering a bit as Juliette’s manager offered him a contract for the tour. He showed up to sing with her at the studio so Juliette seemed to think he was going to change his mind.

Meanwhile, Rayna was not happy about the smaller venues or the set lists or anything, really. Deacon reminded her that the two of them singing intimate songs was pretty much the whole draw of the tour (While Rayna did come off a bit spoiled, it was also obvious that this was hard on her because she clearly still has feelings for him and that was making things really awkward). But after Rayna got some unsettling news (more on that later), she called Deacon ‘just because’ and he rushed to her side while she struggled not to totally break down. She was kind of trying to break up with him (even though they’re not together), but she basically admitted that she wasn’t ready to do that. He sort of told her that she had to (because hello she’s married and he’s banging Juliette), but he didn’t exactly force the issue. Later, Deacon crushed Juliette when he gave the guitar back and turned down her offer to join her tour.

Juliette and Rayna both have parent issues.

Juliette’s drug addict mom showed up to harass her daughter, but Juliette had her bodyguards block her from getting too close. She was furious with her manager when she found out that he’d give her mother money because Juliette knew she’d use it to buy drugs. Her mother showed up at her house and once again, Juliette had to send her away. She broke down a little, but quickly recovered before she let anyone see her (How can you not sympathize with her? Hayden owns this role). But then Juliette’s mother (I could look up her name, but that would take effort), gets arrested so Juliette’s people suggest that it would be better if she keeps her close so they can keep an eye on her, which basically means Mama Juliette is moving in (Yikes).

As for Rayna, since she and Teddy are having money issues, their people tell her that she should either go on tour with Juliette or hit up her daddy for money. While Rayna refuses to do either, Lamar offers her money and suggests that she focus on her family a little more. Of course she tells him to go to hell, but then her sister (don’t know her name either) steps in and suggests that the reason there’s such a rift between Rayna and Lamar is because Rayna is too much like their mama, who also had a man on the side. Later, after Rayna and Lamar talk, he pulls out some old pictures and looks sad (Guys, he has layers! He’s not just a twirling his moustache villain. I love it).

Speaking of villains, Teddy (I cannot look at him without picturing Harvey Specter punching him in the face. I miss “Suits” so much), was going to try and take a loan out to ease their money problems, but when he heard there was a possible audit, he changed his mind very quickly. What is up with that? What’s he hiding?


I know we’re supposed to like Scarlett, but she’s one of those deer-in-the-headlight characters, who probably has cartoon mice helping her brush her hair in the morning and she bugs me. But anyway, Gunnar and Scarlett were rehearsing their song and Lucky Avery came home and was super pissed off about it. He was slamming doors and everything and it was totally obnoxious. But he’s supportive, really. So when it came time to actually record the song, Scarlett had a stage fright moment because she was thinking about all the Nashville greats who had recorded in that very studio before her. She panicked and the studio people suggested to Gunnar that maybe he should find someone else to sing the song with (I vote yes. Wait, that’s the wrong answer, right?).

Anyway, Gunnar mentioned it to Avery that he thought he was the problem and Scarlett was holding back because his career has gone nowhere. Avery took it to heart and showed that he’s not such a bad guy after all. He went home and tried to get Scarlett to sing to him. He even offered to be there when she recorded the duet so that it would be like she was just singing to him. It worked like a charm and she focused on him as she sang. Avery introduced himself to the Watty White and maybe he had some ulterior motives for being there after all? I still think he was just trying to be a good boyfriend, but really, Gunnar gets the credit since he suggested Avery help Scarlett in the first place. I don’t really have a team though because of that whole thing where Scarlett annoys me (Can Gunnar and Avery be a thing?).

The Conrad Sisters (aka the Stella sisters) are the best.

How cute was the talent show when the girls sang, “Telescope?” Like seriously, forget the drama, the intrigue, everything, but these two talented sisters singing and playing the guitar? It was the most adorable moment ever.

WTF was that ending?

Juliette had a rough episode between her mom’s drug habits and Deacon choosing Rayna over her. So she was just hanging out at the local drug store (isn’t that what you do when you’re sad?) and she was looking at some beauty products. There was a group of teenage girls in the same aisle and despite her big hat, they totally recognized her. As they were taking pictures and video with their iPhones, Juliette decided to steal the nail polish. She just slipped it in her pocket and they got the whole thing on video.

Why? Maybe she didn’t know they were recording her, but she knew they were watching. Is she trying to start a trend? Or does she want more attention so she’s going to do stupid things? I like Juliette, but that was just a WTF moment.

What’s your best guess as to Juliette’s motives? Did Deacon make the right choice? Will Rayna cave and join Juliette’s tour? What is Teddy hiding? Is anyone else Team Gunnar/Avery? So many questions! Hit the comments below and Amber will be back next week with her take on “Nashville.”

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