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General Hospital Previews: Week of October 29


While many grieve for Jason, others prepare for the Haunted Star party and Connie’s trial next week on General Hospital.


Trey visits Sonny. Meanwhile Connie tries to manipulate Trey into promising he won’t help Sonny commit her. Worried, Connie tells Johnny they should prepare to go to war with Sonny. When Trey won’t commit to either side, Sonny tries to sway him by convincing him Kate is a person worth knowing. Connie threatens Johnny about preventing Trey from signing the papers to commit her.

Later, Johnny and Connie discover Carly in Todd’s room. Will they use this in their favor? Connie warns Sonny things will get ugly.


Olivia has a hallucination about Heather’s status. Todd visits with Heather’s personal items from the office, including Daniel’s paternity test that he planted. Olivia and Steve discover the test. Later, when Olivia’s hallucination comes true, Todd worries Heather will tell the truth about his involvement in the baby switch.


Carly visits Sam and offers her condolences and assistance in any way needed. Michael offers to step up and take his place in his father’s organization. Lulu guesses that Connie has something on Johnny and that’s why he married her. Duke protects his personal interest in the shootings of Jason, Bernie, and Scully and invites Anna to the Haunted Star party. Later, Luke asks her to be his date as well. Lulu and Dante discuss adoption. Maxie tells Patrick she’s moving out. Starr and Michael prepare to have sex. Mac and Felicia are excited to see Duke. Emma confesses she doesn’t like Britt.

Starr confronts Johnny for marrying Connie on Monday, October 29..

Starr and Kristina bond over dinner on Tuesday, October 30.

Carly invites Todd trick-or-treating with her and Josslyn on Wednesday, October 31.

Michael has a strange run-in with a masked man on Thursday, November 1.

Sonny confesses to Alexis how depressed he is over Kate and Jason on Friday, November 2.

Coming Up: Duke share a romantic dance with Anna. Emma answers the phone and Robin is on the other line. Sabrina and Elizabeth discuss the Nurse’s Ball. Ellie asks to be Maxie’s roommate. Monica and Carly have a heated confrontation. Connie’s hearing takes a shocking turn. Someone is not who they appear to be.

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